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Best Winter Box Sets to Binge On

Best Winter Box Sets to Binge On

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Binge watching Box Sets on a Sunday has become more of a tradition than sitting down with your nearest and dearest for a roast dinner. If you want to level up on your TV watching game check out our guide to the seven best series around right now.

The Last Man on Earth

The Last Man on Earth is three seasons in, if you haven’t got on board yet now’s the time to do so. Season 1 introduces us to Phil Miller played expertly by Will Forte who seems to be the last remaining man alive in a post apocalyptic America, after the whole of mankind looks to have been wiped out by a deadly virus.

This clever and original comedy is a bit of a slow burner but raises some thought provoking existential questions while consistently delivering on the humour front. September saw the start of Season 3 so you better get watching. Seasons 1 and 2 are available on Amazon Prime.

Luke Cage

Netflix’s ongoing love in with Marvel Comics shows no signs of abating, and fresh off the back of the success of Daredevil and Jessica Jones comes Luke Cage. It’s an ambitious and silky production, with an excellent soundtrack. Mike Colter is a solid and confident lead as he negotiates the murky and sinister world of a modern day Harlem.

The premise for those less acquainted centres on Cage and his superhuman strength and unbreakable skin, due to a botched science experiment. A former convict wrongfully imprisoned Cage is a fugitive seeking justice and a man on a mission to bring down every petty crook and gangster in the city. It’s another slow burner superbly shaping and building the characters and is well worth the time and effort.


If you think Westworld is another massive shopping centre in London you clearly haven’t checked out one of the absolute best pieces of telly currently gracing our screens. Set in a vast Wild West theme park run by human looking robot hosts, the Sky Atlantic show sees wealthy vacationers live out their fantasies however violent or sordid with no consequences. Holidayers are free to go on shooting sprees with the guarantee of no jail time.

The only problem is some of the park’s robots are beginning to remember some of the day-to-day horrors that’s wiped from their memories after each shift. The cast reads like a who’s who with an evil Ed Harris and brooding Anthony Hopkins putting in stellar performances. Some episodes are a little stodgier than others with the complex plot not always unwinding as quickly as we might like, but it still has moments of action and high drama to rival pretty much anything else on the box. It gets us to question notions of free will and consciousness and also pressing subjects such as will artificial intelligence overtake ours? Or has it already? Be afraid, but watch it!


Gomorrah premiered 2 years ago but with more seasons in the offing, it’s well worth going back and getting stuck into this gritty Italian drama. Most of the show’s success is down to it’s similarities to The Wire and its portrayal of high-level gangsters, petty street thugs and ordinary people. Gomorrah is the unwashed version of The Sopranos, if you’re fans of turf wars, dirty corruption, hot-headed cosa nostra and bloody bouts of violence this is definitely the show for you. Fans of the mafia genre will lap this up like Mother’s Milk.

Mr Robot

Mr Robot is perfect if you want to spend a wet and windy Sunday indoors binge watching boxsets. It could be best described as cyber conspiracy drama/thriller that focuses on Elliott superbly portrayed by breakthrough star Rami Malek a tragic and tormented soul with more issues than Vogue.

His day job is that of cybersecurity engineer for a large company called Allsafe, but outside of work he’s a vigilante hacker recruited by an anarchist played by Christian Slater to help him bring down the system. The narration binds the show together as we get inside the mind of Elliot and his innermost deepest reflections.

The Exorcist

Not a retelling of the 1973 cult classic but a modern-day version that sits nicely within The Exorcist franchise. Part psychological thriller, part melodrama, hardcore horror fans could be forgiven for expecting a bit more in the scare stakes, but this dark and unsettling series is developing nicely.

There are some creepy moments with Hannah Kasulka offering a disturbing version of the possessed girl at the centre of the action and our troubled Exorcists. At times it can become a little plodding, hopefully, they won’t try and spin six series out of it and the pace will be picked up a bit, giving us more of the head spinning action we’re desperately craving. The Power of Christ compels you … to watch it.

The Get Down

Moulin Rouge director Baz Luhrmann’s visually stunning depiction of New York in the 1970s explores a group of kids coming of age in the South Bronx and that most significant of moments in the history of music – the birth and evolution of Hip-Hop. With Grandmaster Flash taking a Producer role, the soundtrack, rhythm and energy of the show is palpable. Stylistically in much the same way as Stranger Things, The Get Down is spot on and dripping in nostalgia. This is a must for music fans and style seekers alike.

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