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Healing the Body from the Inside: How to Harness your Qi by a Spiritual Master

Healing the Body from the Inside: How to Harness your Qi by a Spiritual Master

From a young age in South Korea, Master Oh spent much of his childhood contending with a round-robin of chronic health problems, that aside from the pain also affected his mental health.

In search of a solution and a more profound way of life, Master Oh discovered Jung Shim or ‘Beautiful Mind’, a way to harness human energy or Qi and begin to heal the body and mind, in turn, living free from pain and anxiety.

Since then, Master Oh has dedicated his life to helping others understand and utilise this powerful tool, available to each and every one of us. We took some time to catch up with the man himself and find out about how to harness your Qi and make its powerful benefits a part of your everyday life.

TM: Master Oh, you’re all about living a happier more well-rounded life. What are some of the most common pitfalls of modern living?

MO: The majority of people I see are short of energy due to the demands of modern life. When people are short of energy, it can have an impact on all aspects of their lives. By energy, I don’t mean the energy we get from food, but vital Qi energy – our life force.

Qi energy travels around the body through a network of energy channels, supporting all the systems of the body. Over time, however, problems can develop with the circulation of Qi: energy levels drop, energy channels can be blocked and energy becomes stagnant.

This leaves the body more prone to illness or injury, and less able to recover if problems arise. Correcting the circulation of Qi enables long term healing to take place, leading to greater emotional and physical well-being.

Master Oh doing an energy treatment on a patient

TM: How important is it for people to connect with nature?

MO: Nature makes us feel calm and peaceful which is important, but we are not able to recharge our energy system in nature.

TM: When we talk of energy blockages, can you explain a bit more about how this occurs and the significance of such?

MO: When we have an abundant and free flow of Qi, the body can function well, the mind is clear and we feel energised as a result.

However, when the energy system becomes blocked it can create imbalances that can affect the body in a variety of ways; from headaches and fatigue, anxiety and emotional pain.

There are three different types of energy blockages – environmental, emotional and inherited.

TM: As Qi is responsible for all of our functioning, the major organs etc. Do problems occur when we are disconnected from this or when our Qi is damaged in some way?

MO: Qi is nature’s primary source of energy and the power that creates and supports life, keeping everything in balance and harmony. It is the very source and foundation of physical, mental and spiritual health.

When we drain our Qi, our physical and mental health suffers. Therefore, it is important to recharge our Qi energy and look after our energy system.

When we are mindful of our emotions and open our heart filling it with love and compassion, energy flows freely but when we become negative and stressed, our energy system becomes blocked and our emotional and physical health suffers.

Mater Oh touching the head of a patient during an energy treatment

TM: Do you think people struggle to switch off because our minds are so full of useless information?

MO: People can’t switch off because they are short of energy and have lost the vibration of Qi, which makes them feel calm and peaceful. Their energy system is out of balance and the blockages cause too much fire energy in the body.

When there is too much fire energy in the body it is hard to switch off a busy mind and find stillness. To further compound this, the more stressed they are, the busier their mind is and the more energy they drain. It becomes a vicious cycle.

The only way to break this pattern is to receive the vibration of Qi, to re-balance the energy system and recharge the body, which in turn calms the mind.

TM: What is the concept of revealing your true self? Are we all connected in that sense, to the same energy source?

MO: Our true self is our spirit, our essence: it is clear, bright and beautiful, filled with pure love and compassion for others. When we connect to our spirit and open our hearts, we receive the infinite wisdom from the universe.

We all have a spirit and our spirit is connected to the universe. Through this connection, we all become one.

TM: The modern world seems designed to make us move away from the natural rhythms of the Universe. How can we avoid getting swamped?

MO: We need to find time to connect to our spirit, to work on our mind and receive to the vibration of Qi. Nowadays it’s easy to focus on the material and we can absent-mindedly lose our connection with the universe and our spirit.

The flow-on effect of this can be a struggle to find our real purpose. When we receive Qi energy we change our vibration and connect to our spirit. This helps us to open our hearts and share love, energy and compassion with others.

The more connected we are, the more we think of others before ourselves, the healthier and happier we become.

TM: What are some of the simple changes that people can make to their daily lives/routines to improve the mental and physical state?

MO: I always try to help people work on building and maintaining a positive mind. A positive and happy mind effectively supports the flow of energy in the body. One of the most powerful ways to transform the mind is to practice gratitude.

When we have gratitude for every experience in our lives we can achieve happiness. Even the most challenging experiences, teach us something; they help us to grow and develop.

TM: How does it differ from Western medicine (treating the cause)?

MO: When I treat my clients, the first thing I look at is their energy system rather than their symptoms. I check how much energy they have and how blocked their energy system is to determine what the root cause of their energy blockages is.

Once I understand the cause of someone’s energy blockages, I know exactly what that person needs and how I can help them.

TM: What treatments do you offer that help restore harmony?

MO: My energy treatments are a powerful combination of acupressure and sound, which together help to open the energy channels and improve the flow of Qi in the body.

I am able to feel how energy is circulating in the body and where it is blocked. I can also assess people’s energy reserves. I work on the client’s entire body, applying gentle acupressure on the main energy points to release any blockages, clear toxins and recharge their energy system.

Throughout the treatment, I use a breathing technique to make a sound vibration that transmits Qi deep into their energy channels.

After an energy treatment, people experience relief from many different conditions such as pain, stress and anxiety, as well as a new sense of calm, lightness and increased mental clarity.

Master Oh speaking with a patient

TM: There’s so much negativity out there, how do you think we can create a more balanced, positive, compassionate world?

MO: The more we can receive the vibration of Qi, the more we can connect to our spirit; our true essence. This essence is always vibrating at the frequency of love, happiness, warmth and compassion and is filled with gratitude.

When we experience this unique vibration we can open our hearts, understand others and practice love and compassion for all people. This is how we truly heal; this is how we change the world.

TM: What tangible changes would you encourage people to make to their lives right now?

MO: I would encourage people to practice love, compassion and kindness for others. When facing challenging situations at home or work, always stop and ask yourself: What does this person need? What does this person want? How can I help them?

When we make ourselves humble and put the other person first, no matter what, we can achieve anything. We need to have a parents’ mind: one filled with unconditional love and forgiveness for all.

TM: What courses etc do you offer?

MO: I offer energy treatments with consultations and energy classes, which enable people to detoxify and recharge the body.

I also offer an ‘Ancestor Healing’ course, which focuses on healing our inherited energy patterns passed down through the generations; this can be the root cause of many people’s issues and is often the change people are looking for to transform their lives.

For more on Master Oh and to book an energy treatment and learn how to harness your Qi visit:

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