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Stay Festive Fit with These Supplements

Stay Festive Fit with These Supplements

Let the festive fun begin! Yes with reckless abandon the nation will once again take overindulgence to epic new heights. Add to that the plummeting and blisteringly cold temperatures and you’ve got a heady cocktail that can put you out of action long before you’ve had chance to welcome in the New Year, after which the country descends into a state of collective coma. With that in mind we’ve put together some of the best vitamins and supplements so you’re as protected as you can be against the rigours of party season.

Vitamin D + K2 Oral Spray from BetterYou – £9.95

Everyone needs a boost in the Vitamin D department. particularly this time of the year. To get your Vitamin D on the go look no further than this handy spray. Three daily sprays gives you 3000iu of Vitamin D and 75ug of Vitamin K, which is 100% of your recommended allowance. As it’s taken orally it misses the gut and goes straight into the bloodstream for fast effective help to keep bones and muscles healthy this holiday. A must have in the supplements stakes.

Alpha Max with Saw Palmetto from Lifeplan – £10.30 (60 tabs)

Alpha Max with Saw Palmetto is a unique supplement of vitamins, minerals and botanicals that helps aid the male immune system. The tabs also help reduce tiredness and fatigue, so good news in keeping that festive energy up. The added Saw Palmetto plant extract aids prostate health and can help fend off the dreaded Christmas lurghi so it’s pretty much win-win with this one.


Wiley’s Finest Peak EPA Omega-3 Supplement from Superfood UK- £33.99 (60 caps)

Everyone should have a good fish oil supplement in their diets and this offering from Wiley’s Finest is just that. Omega-3s can help with the likes of high blood pressure, depression, diabetes amongst lots of other ailments so it’s a no brainer to get into the habit of taking it. It’s one of the highest strength liquid fish oils on the market with each Softgel containing a peak total of 1000mg EPA + DHA. So it’s perfect for athletes or those looking to boost their dose of Omega-3 in their diets in order to get the maximum benefits.


Ener-C Satchets from Amazon – £14.99 (Pack of 30)

Mix one of these sachets with a glass of water to give you an effervescent hit of 1,000 mg of Vitamin C along with with 32 (yes we counted them) different mineral complexes plus B Vitamins. They’re sweetened with fructose so you get a quick hit of sustained energy, perfect for that conga round the dance floor and with added electrolytes your less likely to catch the bug going round the office. It’s Christmas so cranberry flavour seems particularly fitting, although other flavours are available.

Wild Pure Greek Oil of Oregano from Zane Hellas – £15

Many may think oregano oil might go best on pizza but it’s actually provides amazing health benefits. It’s antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, the ‘anti’ list goes on on on, but look into it yourselves, it’s the real deal. Greek oregano is widely believed to be the best so this little number from Zane Hellas ticks that box, it’s also non-GMO organic so all good. It’s got a wide range of uses from helping with infections, stomach problems or just your regular cold, it’s a one-stop shop for a host of problems that might blight you this Xmas.


Extra Strength Manuka Honey Elixir Vitamins & Herbs from Comvita – £13.99

This soothing all-in-one syrup contains all the goodness of Manuka Honey along with added vitamins to boost that flagging immune system. It has vitamins C & D as well as a dose of zinc to boost that immune health. And it also includes herbs mullien and marshmallow to help soothe those annoying coughs. Another very helpful friend to keep you on your feet this party season.

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