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The Best of British: Beavertown Brewery

The Best of British: Beavertown Brewery

What started out as one man’s passion for beer and a 25-litre rice pan in a domestic kitchen back in 2011, has steadily grown into one of the most exciting and recognisable brands on the market. Beavertown Brewery which takes its inspiration from the perfect accompaniment to slow-cooked juicy barbecue, the real ales we hold dear here in Blighty and the bold flavoured IPA’s and Pale Ales that do the rounds in the US, became a word of mouth sensation in the dark corners and locals of Hackney.

These days thanks to a bold range of flavours and the iconic artwork synonymous with the brand, Beavertown has put beer-drinking firmly back on the map and continues a distinguished and long line of breweries in the UK making quirky and interesting ales.  We hooked up with Team Beaver to get the lowdown on some of their latest creations, as we tip our hat to innovation, imagination and the passionate producers of this delectable whistle whetter.

Bloody ‘Ell

This blood orange IPA, aptly named ‘Bloody Ell’, is the newest addition to Beavertown’s core range of brews. Drinking one is like a slap around the chops thanks to the huge hit of citrus with hints of warm blood orange aromas brought on by refined malt bill and loads of juicy hops. It’s a delightful flavour, reminiscent of something you’d have for breakfast on a European holiday. It packs a decent punch with an ABV of 5.5% and was a worthy silver medallist at the International Beer Challenge awards.


What can we say about our favourite Lupoloid. This rather wonderful brew is a straight down the middle India Pale Ale with a satisfying and dizzying 6.7% ABV. No funny business just the essential malt, yeast, water and hops, and what a delectable result. If it’s a heady brew and a jolt to the system you’re after, get on the Lupoloid.

Gamma Ray

Ah, the Gamma Ray. A shining light, and not just in the artwork department, this bad boy is packed to rafters with flavour. A tropical flavour that is, that has notes of mango and grapefruit, and its intense mix of hops gives off a strong and enticing aroma. It’s no shrinking violet at 5.4% and scooped a gold award at the aforementioned Beer Challenge awards and rightly so!

Neck Oil

Another Gold standard gulp comes in the form of the session worthy and appropriately named Neck Oil. A staple of the Beavertown ensemble and an easy-drinking light beer with a crisp finish. Steady as you like at 4.2% we can’t get enough of the old Neck Oil. Cheers!

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Photography by Simon J Evans

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