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Fathers Day Gift Guide: Booze

Fathers Day Gift Guide: Booze

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One thing most Fathers appreciate is a drop of the strong stuff and with their usual local haunts being out of action, quick breathers down the boozer have been off the agenda for the last three months. With that in mind, maybe treat the old man to a drop of something special this Fathers Day, with our selection of tipples to brighten up what’s likely to be one of most sobering celebrations in many a year. Cheers.

Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin – £35

Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin

Gin has been the best-selling spirit online during lockdown as we Brits continue our love affair with the stuff. It’s no surprise with some top brands on the market, not least, Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin, this fine little number is a botanical filled, triple-distilled spirit, handcrafted in a traditional copper pot still in small batches inside a distillery in the foothills of the Himalayas.

With a recipe derived from the ancient Indian knowledge of herbs, this one is perfect for the Dad who likes a bit of history along with his tipple.

El Rayo Gift Set – £14.95

El Rayo Gift Box

We’ve championed the pleasures of premium, 100% agave tequila El Rayo in the past when we spoke to the brand’s owners Tom & Jack. These lads went on a successful journey to create a contemporary tequila that celebrates modern Mexico.

This neat Gift Set will  give your Dad the chance to sample their two varieties, a silver coloured unaged No.1 Plata and a sweet whiskey barrel aged No.2 Reposado. El Rayo’s signature serve is the Tequila & Tonic, and we’re not arguing with that one.

Gosnells Essential Mead Home Brew Kit – £35

Gosnell's Home Brew Kit

Look, we’re still kind of stuck in some version of lockdown, although if you can get your head around the nuances of the mad rules you’re far smarter than us.

Either way, with trips to the boozer still looking a long way away and summer having well and truly arrived, Dad will defo appreciate this full home brewing kit from Gosnells, so he can make his very own mead. Or at least so he can escape to the shed and get some peace and quiet for a little while.

Salcombe Brewery Presentation Pack – £9

Salcombe Brewery presentation packThis selection of fine ales from Salcombe are bang on the money. Great tasting and full of flavour the old man will knock these back on Sunday afternoon and be full merriment and appreciation!

Among the brews on offer are Seahorse: A delightfully smooth yet spicy hopped drinking ale. And Shingle Bay: A light easy drinking fruity ale. As far as Dad gifts go, this is one you can’t go far wrong with. Get on it.

VITA Vodka – £27

VITA VodkaThe rather special USP of VITA, this premium Mediterranean vodka, is it’s the world’s first vodka specifically made to be mixed with water. Perfect for the Dad on a diet, as there’s no need for any calorific mixers (or the tight one who can’t be bothered to buy any).

This triple distilled spirit is infused with citrus, so every drink is packed full of flavour. Mix a measure with some ice and sparking water and pretend you’re holidaying in a sun-drenched region of the Med, rather than a rainy back garden.

Spirited Union Rum Spice & Sea Salt – £35

Union Spice and Sea Salt Rum

If you’ve not experienced the delights of a rum & tonic, let us tell you, it’s a bloody great drink, especially now the warm weather has arrived and the sun’s ablaze (quickly checks the window – oh it’s raining)… Ok maybe not, but if you want to add a bit of sunshine to Pops’ life this Fathers Day, then trust us a good rum is the way forward.

And Spirited Union Rum Spice & Sea Salt is one good rum. It’s a smooth cask-aged Barbados rum infused with five delicate spices. And remember to buy him some tonic for a flavour revelation. Tell Dad, it’s the future.

Whiskey Club Edible Cocktail Gummies – £20

Whiskey Club Edible Cocktail gummies

Combining two of the best things in life booze and sweets comes this left field gift option from The Whiskey Club. They’ve created edible alcoholic, vegan-friendly, cocktail gummies, inspired by some of the most famous and refined whiskey-based cocktails in the world.

The gummies hold a subtle kick at 5% ABV (the equivalent of 1/2 shot of alcohol), with their gift set containing ten of the sweet treats including 4x Bourbon Old Fashioned garnished with an orange sugar and 2x Whiskey Sours. It even comes with a pair of ‘Cheers’ adorned socks, because well, it wouldn’t be Father’s Day without them.

MOOSE Mule Cocktail Box – £20

Moose Mule Cocktail Box

What a delightful little drink MOOSE is, jam-packed full of flavour, with sweet undertones, it’s a versatile spirit and this introductory mixer-filled pack is a bit of a game-changer, particularly in these restricted times.

The goal of MOOSE is to put an end to the global dependence on processed sugars, which is why MOOSE gets its sweet nature from Canadian maple trees. Talking of trees, the company plan to plant 200,000 this year alone. Investing in sustainability and pleasure, sounds like a cocktail for success.

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