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Christmas Wish List: The Tech

Christmas Wish List: The Tech

Record player with 77:78 record on it next to headphones

Ah the head-spinning world of modern technology, it really is hard to keep up with the upgrades and updates, shortcuts and side steps. Well, relax, you’ve got enough on your plate balancing modern life, and then to think Christmas is upon us and the annual quandary of what presents to buy, or more importantly what to ask Santa for?

Have no fear, as you’ll no doubt be aware, we’ve been bringing you our guides to the best gift ideas all this week from grooming to outdoors and now it’s time for the tech. Yes, friends, we’re bringing you the very best in quality, design and performance for all those seeking style and substance in equal measure. It’s our Christmas Wish List: The Tech.

Selection of tech gear, including headphones, fitbit, GoPro Black7 photographed for The MALESTROM's Christmas Tech gift guide

Bang & Olufsen H4 Beoplay Wireless Headphones

For outstanding quality & comfort read Bang & Olufsen. These wireless headphones are extremely lightweight with a satisfyingly snug fit, to the point you may forget you’re even wearing them. They offer pristine sound quality that’s extremely well balanced, these headphones are a music lovers dream and accommodate any genre effortlessly.

Performing exceptionally well in wireless mode, they’ll keep you on the move for an incredible nineteen hours, off a two and a half hour charge time. With B&O’s signature sleek design, this is certainly the gift that keeps on giving.

B&O headphones photographed for The MALESTROM's Christmas Tech gift guide

Cygnett ChargeUp Swift 10k Wireless Power Bank

This genius bit of tech from Cygnett is a game changer for those spend a little too much time on the old dog and bone. Not much bigger than a modern smartphone itself, this wireless power bank brings together the latest technology, offering users the quickest wireless charge possible. Of course, there are the standard USB charge capabilities, however, the beauty of the Cygnett is the wireless function.

Simply place your phone on top of the device and watch it charge up! Not only that, when fully loaded this piece of kit can charge an iPhone 8 3.8 times through a USB connection and 2.8 times wirelessly while also offering a full charge on an iPad. The perfect solution for those on the go, there’s a whole range of devices at Cygnett that might just make this chaotic world a little bit smoother.

Cygnett charger photographed for The MALESTROM's Christmas Tech gift guide

Loewe klang m1

This exquisite looking Bluetooth speaker from Loewe is one for design enthusiasts and music lovers alike. Small and compact, it’s the perfect travel accessory, and with a stylish leather strap it’ll hang anywhere, handlebars, belt loop – looking good!

With top of the range technology allowing for a twelve-hour battery life off of a two-hour charge, the innovation doesn’t stop there, an integrated microphone turns this speaker into a hands-free phone system. You’ll struggle to find a more subtle and stylish speaker that also delivers a punch in the sound stakes with a well rounded audio experience.

Loewe bluetooth speaker photographed for The MALESTROM's Christmas Tech gift guide

GoPro HERO7 Black

Anyone with a love for adventure and the great outdoors should have a great action camera capable of documenting your experiences. And the GoPro HERO7 Black is a great camera, in fact, it’s the very best in the business at what it does. It’s capable of shooting 4K video & ultra slow-motion which you can capture in Wide and SuperView wide so you can record a full panoramic vista.

This model benefits from improved picture quality and great new image HyperSmooth stabilisation, so when you’re powering about on your mountain bike instead of the normal blurring from going over bumps, you’ll get super smooth images. It’s also waterproof without a case to 10 metres and the new SuperPhoto function makes taking great images much easier. The GoPro HERO7 Black isn’t the cheapest camera in the world but the old adage, you get what you pay for, has never been truer with this genuinely fantastic bit of kit.

GoPro Hero7 Black photographed for The MALESTROM's Christmas Tech gift guide

Hero7 Black – £379.99

Fitbit Ionic Watch

Anyone who’s vaguely interested in their fitness needs a wearable device to help you track your activity and help transform you into a better you. And you can’t go wrong by picking the market leader to help you along on your fitness journey. The Fitbit Ionic, their first foray into the smartwatch market was designed to give you a deeper understanding of your body, your health, and your progress.

This light, waterproof, aluminum-built watch is the ideal tool to keep you motivated and steadfast on the straight and narrow with its super reliable automatic workout tracker. It also comes with in-built workouts that you can follow on the watch and a very handy built-in GPS and heart rate monitor. Another Brucie bonus is the fact you can upload music to the Fitbit Ionic, with 2.5GB of free space at your disposal for music on the go. With its slick design and lengthy battery life (around five days), the Fitbit Ionic is a must for those looking to shed those pounds or wanting to keep challenging themselves at higher levels.

Fitbit Ionic Watch photographed for The MALESTROM's Christmas Tech gift guide

Fitbit Ionic Watch – £279.99

All photography by Simon J Evans

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