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Live in Consciousness

Live in Consciousness

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Modern life can be unsettling, so often expectations and emotions cloud our judgment and experiencing this creates nothing more than anxiety and stress.

The most important decision you can make on a daily basis, is to live your life consciously and to make the decision every morning when you wake that no matter what experiences and situations present themselves throughout the day, you will opt to merely judge them at face value and in no way let a sense of hysteria and fear based on social constructs determine your perspective.

Ancient Taoist text Tao Te Ching states that,

“The world is ruled by letting things take their course, it cannot be ruled by interfering. Nothing is more soft and yielding than water, yet for attacking the solid and the strong, nothing is better.”

Indeed the Taoist philosopher Chuang Tzu had an interesting take on explicit consciousness,

“A centipede was once asked by a frog how she walked since it must be very difficult to control one hundred legs all at once. The centipede thought about this and found that the more she thought about it the less she was able to walk. She twitched a bit then fell over. Lying on her back in the ditch, she begged the frog not to ask any other centipedes this question.”

We are constantly bombarded, particularly through the mainstream media with ideas and consequences that until presented to us – have never entered our conscious mind.

We are fed up with desperate and dismal scenarios that fundamentally without our engagement and acceptance stand no chance of prospering in public consciousness and even more so manifesting themselves within our reality/existence.

It is only, and will always be the case that, with the social acceptance of concepts – of which the final aim is to ensure our sincere acknowledgement – we will continue to serve under the whims of the political elite and the mainstream media.

In life we are presented with numerous opportunities, with which there are decisions to be made, these decisions invariably have consequences, however, the degree of truth on which they are based is negligible.

It is, therefore, more important and necessary than ever that, we pursue a life of ideas and philosophies that suit our desires and the greater good of society.

Indeed social cohesion can only prosper in an environment in which the people believe vehemently not only in personal growth but also universal abundance. It is our duty to reject outright, information that is without basis, facts that have no foundation, and thoughts that are motivated by financial gain.

Live through the conscious mind, but prioritise people and prosperity, as in Taoist philosophical thought, it is only when the yin and yang work together that we have harmony in ourselves, each other and therefore the world around us.

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