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Maintain those New Year Goals with these Inspiring Books

Maintain those New Year Goals with these Inspiring Books

The second week of February is supposedly the time when the majority of folk, if they haven’t done so already, abandon those New Year Resolutions and drift aimlessly back into a more familiar routine.

Well, if it’s inspiration you need or just a gentle nudge in the right direction, we’ve got some brand new inspiring books, hot off the press that are sure to give you the tools necessary to implement change and get those goals back on track.

Pig Wrestling by Pete Lindsay & Mark Bawden

Pig Wrestling is the brilliantly simple way to solve any problem… and create the change you need. As the George Bernard Shaw quote goes, “never wrestle with a pig, you get dirty and besides the pig likes it”. This is the starting point for the profound short story that aims to address the way we approach everyday problems we encounter, offering a foolproof method that will have a lasting effect not only on ones approach to challenging situations but a new way of looking at the issues we encounter in both work and play.

Authors Lindsay and Bawden bring their expertise from the world of high-end performance, be it with Premier League footballers, Olympic Athletes, Michelin starred chefs and business leaders to help anyone address problem-solving in a unique and highly effective way that’ll leave the reader with a template they can apply time and again.

It’s not so much how you deal with the problem as how you view and approach the conundrum in the first place. Following the story of a young business manager, who, as he contemplates ways to motivate his team happens across a worldly-wise Barista who sets forth a chain of events that transform the manager’s approach to problem-solving.

This pocket-sized book is fluid and easy to follow and can be read in one sitting, perfect for those whose lives are in need of urgent attention.

Shoot for the Moon by Richard Wiseman

‘Achieve the impossible with the Apollo Mindset’ sounds pitch perfect for all those that fell off the wagon as February came round and those sincere New Year resolutions got well and truly consigned to the guilt-laden austere month of January.

“I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth.” These were the words of President JFK as he contemplated the daunting challenge of what would become one of mankind’s greatest achievements.

Professor Richard Wiseman explores this incredible story and the commitment and mental fortitude that was required to make it a reality. Piecing together research from NASA’s mission archives with interviews and foresight from the latest psychological thinking Wiseman explores this incredible journey by breaking down the eight key principle’s that constitute in his eyes the ‘Apollo mindset’ while enlightening the reader on easy to follow practical techniques they can implement in their everyday lives.

Procrastinate no more, with a deeper understanding of how to channel that self-belief, learn from one’s mistakes and keep moving forward, develop a more courageous outlook, prepare for any number of eventualities and thrive in the face of unexpected scenarios.

A genuinely interesting read with a huge amount of takeaway for the curious and committed.

The Key to Happiness by Meik Wiking

How to find purpose by unlocking the secrets of the world’s happiest people is the aim of celebrated self-help guru and all-round jolly chap Meik Wiking. Founder of the world’s first happiness institute in Copenhagen, Denmark incidentally and no by coincidence probably the happiest location on the planet, Wiking brings all his expertise and an endless raft of knowledge from his unwavering desire to finding the key to happiness and how we can use this knowledge to find purpose and direction in our increasingly cluttered and hectic lives.

Somehow we seem to have evolved into a nation of zombies, lacking in the fundamentals, with kindness, empathy and trust all severely lacking in modern life and unsurprisingly are characteristically missing in those nations that are, well, the least happy.

Exploring the cornerstone elements of a happy fulfilling life, that being, togetherness, money, health, kindness, trust and freedom Wiking offers tips and tricks to allow the reader to get more in tune with their joyous smiley self while recounting his vast knowledge of

Happiness is, of course, subjective, but you must be made of stone if Wiking’s words don’t bring about some positivity and harmony into your daily thinking. A fascinating read that’s a stark reminder of what really matters in life.

The Source by Dr Tara Swart

‘Open your mind, change your life’. Psychiatrist, neuroscientist and executive coach are just some of the ways one might refer to leading performance enhancer Dr Tara Swart, who is on a one-woman mission to enhance and enrich the lives of the many by taking the most up to date cognitive research and her own personal well of experience to change the way we think and take  control of our destiny.

While many have strived and struggled with the visualisation techniques and supposedly simplistic promises of ‘law of attraction’ techniques and exercise, Swart took her own experiences applying these methods and utilised her scientific understanding of the brain to help better explain and implement the practices.

In the Source, Swart has created a four-step plan, backed up by a wealth of case studies and easy to follow exercises that enable the reader to break those entrenched and seemingly insurmountable habits. While exploring how to rewire the brain to allow for long term shifts in your behaviour and aligning the body and mind into one cohesive spirit that can interpret intuition and manifest one’s deepest desires.

Great for those that need a reboot and to cut out the habitual negativity. Make no mistake Swart is a bonafide expert who’s easy to follow explanations and strategies might just be the final piece in your jigsaw.

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