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The Best Multi-Tools & Knives for the Outdoor Man

The Best Multi-Tools & Knives for the Outdoor Man

Most men harbor a longing to explore the great outdoors. Getting back to basics in the rugged wilderness and being at one with mother nature. And while it’s unlikely you’ll go full-on mountain man, should you spend any degree of time exploring and hiking in unforgiving terrains while pitching up camp by a secluded water source, you’ll need to be kitted out. In particular, it’s imperative to have a quality multi-tool and knife, no expedition is complete without one.

So off the back of adventurer Ed Stafford’s sage advice, we’ve put together a selection of some of the best multi-tools & knives around, all with their own unique functions and none that will break the bank, perfect for leisurely campers or indeed those who like to go a little more feral on their outdoor excursions.

Opinel 1089 No.8 Stainless Steel Lock Knife (Brown) – £19.95

We start with a quality knife steeped in history that originated in the French Alps. The Opinel brand has been going for over a hundred years and with quality craftsmanship commonplace it’s little wonder why it’s endured the test of time. This classic, very functional model is perfect for a trip away camping, you can carve or whittle to your heart’s content in the knowledge that 25 years down the line the same blade will be just as capable as it ever was. The knife comes with a polished stainless steel blade and varnished beech handle locked in place by Opinel’s trademark Virobloc safety ring. It’s supplied with a brown synthetic leather sheath so you can keep it on your side in the wild for when you need it.

FIXR Multi-Tool – £14.99

Everyone needs a useful multi-tool in their lives and that’s exactly what the FIXR is. This handy bit of kit has 20 different features, which seems pretty incredible given its size. There’s a bottle opener, wire stripper, nail cleaner, screwdriver bits, different size wrenches, we could go on but we really don’t have time. It utilises a clever rotating plate to change to the plethora of options available, enabling you to manoeuvre the tools into different positions for use. It’s made from black titanium coated 422-grade stainless steel and comes with a hand black leather pouch to keep it in.

Primus Fieldchef Pocket Knife – £43.50

For all budding chefs in the wild, this is the piece of kit for you. The Primus Fieldchef Pocket knife is a compact folding knife that can cut and chop and dice and fillet any produce in no time. It’s super sharp straight blade makes short work of any food prep and it’s ability to lock in open and closed positions means it’s safe to store away when not rustling up dinner. You know you’re getting quality from outdoor brand Primus who’ve been providing the best in kit over the years, Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary actually cooked on a Primus stove during the first ever successful ascent of Everest in 1953!

Axe Shaped Multi-Tool – £4.49

This is the perfect multi-tool for the man who’s always got his next bottle of beer on his mind, so most of us right? This little axe shaped bargain has a fixed bottle opener on its solid wooden handle as well as four other ever so useful other tools. There’s a corkscrew for when you run out of beer and move onto the vino, a can opener for when that pull thingy on your tin breaks off in your hand, and two different sizes of knife.

Mora Outdoor Companion 860 Knife (Green) – £ 10.50

Aforementioned British adventurer Ed Stafford told us a knife is the one piece of kit he always has with him in a survival situation. He also said inexpensive Swedish brands were all he ever needed. Step forward this fixed blade bushcraft knife from Scandi brand Mora. For just over a tenner you get an outdoor knife of hardened Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel with a high-friction grip makes the knife easy to handle and comfortable to hold. Perfect for building a shelter in the wild or just carving your initials into a tree stump. it comes with a color-matching plastic sheath and belt clip and even a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Pocket Knife – £25.90

It’s impossible to talk about knives and multi-tools without talking about the original and in many eyes still the best version in the classic Swiss Army Knife. This Huntsman model is a bit of a beast for its size featuring fourteen different fold away tools. There’s a large/small blade, a corkscrew, can opener, screwdrivers, a bottle opener, wire stripper, scissors, tweezers a wood saw and more. As you’d expect its components are 100% stainless steel and this Swiss wonder comes with a lifetime warranty against defects. A must for campers, hunters and any aspiring mountain men.

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