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The Great Outdoors Style Guide

The Great Outdoors Style Guide

The Great Outdoors Style Guide

Thank the lord; it’s time to get out in the great outdoors once more. As thoughts turn to longer days and as the mellowing, if only slightly milder temperatures signal the first shoots of spring, we tentatively step out from our winter slumber.

Hibernating in the warmth and binging on box sets is all fine and dandy when it’s dark and dreary, but just like the birds, it’s time to get outdoors and make your voice heard.

In the style stakes, it’s a great time to be a bloke, comfortable, durable, active menswear perfect for layering is still big news and the hiking & climbing trend shows no signs of going away.

We touched base with some of our favourite brands who like us share a philosophy for quality and comfort with a hearty dose of style and panache. So over the next week, we’ll be bringing you the very best gear for this time of year.

Here we’ve teamed up with bespoke Italian bootmakers Fracap, hardy British souls Sprayway and sleep saviours Snugpack among a host of other delectable brands to bring you the very best additions for any outdoorsman heading off into the great unknown while providing all the essentials the modern day explorer could possibly need.

Combining fashion and functionality while utilizing the natural hues of the season here’s our Great Outdoors Style Guide.

Woodland trees

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” 

– Alfred Wainwright

A man lies on a blanket in the woods reading a book

Fracap M120 Scarponcino Yellow 377 – £260.00

Based in the small town of Monteroni in Puglia, Italian artisan bootmakers Fracap make the most insanely comfortable, lightweight but incredibly durable handcrafted boots. Made from Calfs leather these guys use a tried and tested process and the results speak for themselves. Design your own unique style or go for one of the classic looks, either way, these are boots you’ll treasure for many a year.

Fracap M120 Scarponcino Yellow 377

Fracap M120 Scarponcino Yellow 377

Fracap M120 Scarponcino Yellow 377

A man carrying two logs in the great outdoors

Sprayway FINN Core C Fleece Jacket – £75.00

Sprayway was born out of the necessities of life in the Peak District so no wonder this subtle olive green fleece is ideal for all you outdoor enthusiasts. Stylish and irresistibly warm, these guys are a jewel in the crown of British adventure gear, perfect for all who roam the rugged wilderness.

Sprayway FINN Core C Fleece Jacket

The Great Outdoors Style Guide. Credit: Simon J Evans

A man carrying a sleeping bag in the woods

Snugpack Sleeper Expedition – £59.95

Snugpack is one of the UK’s few remaining manufacturers of sleeping bags and for good reason. This beast will keep you comfortable in temperatures as low as -17 degrees Celsius, added to that the silk soft water repellant outer fabric and extreme comfort you’ll experience, camping under the stars will probably never get better than this.

Sprayway FINN Core C Fleece Jacket

Snugpack Sleeper Expedition sleeping bag

Gerber Suspension NXT Pocket Clip – £45

Gerber has long been the name on every outdoorsman’s lips when it comes to a quality multi-tool. The Suspension NXT Pocket Clip is just that. Fitted with 15 tools, this little beauty is handy for any situation, with its combination blades, screwdrivers, wires stripper, ruler it’s a smart bit of kit that will come in handy on every trip.

A man carving a stick

A man carving a stick

A selection of outdoor essentials laid out on a patterned blanket

Vango Aluminium Kettle – £11.00

Vango’s like a one-stop shop for outdoor enthusiasts with every whim catered for, so what are you waiting for? Get the kettle on.

Vango Windshield – £14.00

If you’ve never had a windshield for your portable gas stove then you’d never know. An essential little piece of kit.

Snugpack Water Resistant Notebook – £2.95

This water-resistant notebook makes doodling in the rain a doddle, but seriously, this innocent little pad could come in quite useful in an emergency.

Vango Rocket Bluetooth Lantern – £38.95

Apart from providing a maximum of 120 lumens of light and up to 16 hours of use from its rechargeable battery this particular model has a party trick, with a built-in Bluetooth speaker that can pump out tunes till your campmates tell you to keep the noise down.

Jumper from P.G.Field, Jogging Pants & Snood available at Zara. Wrist Warmers from Kate Box

All photography by Simon J Evans

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