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Dating Apps Wasting Your Time? The Future of First Dates is Here

Dating Apps Wasting Your Time? The Future of First Dates is Here

If you’re one of those people who never have a date for Valentine’s Day… it’s February 14th! We like to use a touch of humour to mask the fact that being single isn’t much fun.

What’s also not much fun is trying out the endless array of dating apps. They promise to deliver the partner of your dreams, but offer merely a vague profile and blurry image for you to make a (potentially) life changing decision on.

We live in a world where online dating is the norm. With millions of people worldwide getting in on the action, it’s big business, but does it bring big results?

Look, your time is precious and in our increasingly hectic lives does anyone really have time to eat, sleep, date, repeat? That’s where The Inner Circle comes in. It’s the app rewriting the online dating rules. Offering a reprieve from the usual swiping, sliding and suffering, they fuse a traditional manner of dating with a very modern approach.

The biggest problem with online dating: getting offline. The Inner Circle addresses each barrier for this to make it incredibly easy to meet in real life. One big stress, where to meet? The ‘Spots’ feature is the answer. It lets members indicate their favourite locations. So you can find the perfect restaurant, bar or club, knowing all of the Spots have been highly recommended by other trusted members.

It means no more sitting in a sterile, boring boozer struggling for small talk. Spots makes that part easy.

The Inner Circle are also going back to basics in taking online offline. Yes, the old school idea of real-world meetups, bringing hundreds of suitable singletons together in sought after venues around the world for exclusive monthly events. So you can pick your prince or princess in the flesh rather than via a screen. It might just catch on.

An added bonus is you don’t have to worry about the most unwanted online date… the catfish. With a proper manual screening process, fakers are quickly shown the door.

Like comedian Jerry Seinfeld said, “what is a first date, but a job interview that lasts all night.” If that sums up your experiences, then The Inner Circle can help you avoid those dull first dates and replace them with the kind of meetups you’ll love.

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