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Is Brock Lesnar the Toughest Man on the Planet?

Is Brock Lesnar the Toughest Man on the Planet?

Brock Lesnar - Toughest man on the planet?

Here at The MALESTROM, there’s often discussion over who would hold the title of the toughest man on the planet. Talk on the matter is always heated and everyone has massively differing opinions on what is almost an impossible question to answer.

That being said there always seems to be one man held in particularly high regard by all, one man who’d certainly expect his hat to be thrown into the ring as part of the debate on the subject. That name would be Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar is a twenty and a half stone hulk of pure muscle and pure aggression. Throughout his college years, he was an extremely accomplished wrestler, leaving with a 106-5 overall record and winning the NCAA heavyweight championship in 2000. A major accolade that only the very best realise.

He burst into our homes by way of pro wrestling for World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002, where he began destroying his fellow competitors from the get-go.

We all know wrestling is pre-determined, but this was somehow different. You felt from the moment you saw him this country boy from Minnesota throwing grapplers around with ease, he could legitimately snap you in half with his bare hands, or should that be bear hands. He is indeed an animal. In fact, through his ruthless streak, he fittingly acquired the moniker ‘The Beast Incarnate’.

We were proven right to the fact he seemed like a bona fide force when he entered the world of MMA in 2007. It only took him a year for him to become the Ultimate Fighting Championship World Heavyweight Champion by beating the legendary Randy Couture.

His career was cut short after he was diagnosed with the partially debilitating intestinal condition diverticulitis and he retired from the sport in 2010. The reality was he’d been fighting hurt, we’d never got to see a 100% Brock in the cage, for the time being at least.

2012 saw his resurrection as a wrestler, now displaying a new brutal ground-and-pound MMA approach that often left his foes battered and bloodied. Even in this PG era of the grap game, Brock Lesnar should often have been rated 18. Billed as a special attraction, which he most certainly was, he only worked a handful of dates further increasing his mystique.

His greatest accomplishment in the squared circle came at Wrestlemania 30 in 2014 where he achieved the impossible in defeating the legendary Undertaker, breaking his ‘streak’ of 21 straight victories at the grandest stage of them all. Many jaws dropped that night; the feeling of disbelief was palpable.

This year a fully fit Brock Lesnar was granted a one-off opportunity to compete in the UFC again. A fully fit beast had been itching to re-test his fighting skills against the baddest on the planet. At UFC 200 he did just that defeating 8th ranked Heavyweight in the World Mark Hunt by unanimous decision and proving at the ripe age of 39 he could still more than go.

Controversy has followed this behemoth round for the best part of his career and more was to follow. A couple of weeks after the fight he was temporarily suspended for a potential banned substance. Lesnar’s only statement on the matter …

“We will get to the bottom of this”.

It didn’t stop him competing in WWE’s flagship pay-per-view Summerslam though, where he went on to brutalise Randy Orton in a match that blurred the lines between pro-wrestling and raw unadulterated violence. Indeed many are still questioning if Brock went too far here. Something he’s been accused of many times.

There’s talk of the UFC ban being lifted sooner than many thought so we might still see Brock’s unique brand of viciousness continue within those steel walls. Many fighters will be hoping this won’t be the case.

Brock Lesnar always will be a polarising figure, be it in the octagon with his UFC hat on, or in the arena of professional wrestling (or sports entertainment as it’s now often referred). He gives the impression he cares for no one but himself, and that’s because by large that statement is absolutely true.

He doesn’t pander to fans and doesn’t suffer fools. Brock is an almost superhuman physical specimen who’s shown time and again whatever arena he steps into you take him lightly at your peril.

Is he the toughest? Without a doubt, he has all the tools and indeed the credentials, not to mention a dense air of menace signified by the large tattooed sword on his chest, but it’s too difficult a question to answer definitively. The doubters would certainly raise the issue of his MMA record, which is far from unblemished.

Although Brock maintains he was often fighting his condition rather than his opponent in those dark times. He’s certainly never shied away from a fight.

Regardless of anything his extreme strength, agility (for someone of his stature), and tireless aggression would trouble anyone on their best day.

And one thing’s for sure if you were walking down a dark alley at night Brock Lesnar’s neanderthal like cranium is not something you would want to see appear in front of you!

Who do you think is the toughest man on the planet? Get involved in the comments below.

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