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Sumo Wrestling Just Got More Interesting

Sumo Wrestling Just Got More Interesting

Sumo, a sport steeped in tradition, packed full of ritual, and supposedly one of the most honourable of all disciplines. Or at least we thought it was till we saw this clip.

Here huge rikishis Musashikuni Mamu and Tomisakae Ryutaro (try saying those names after a couple of drinks) face off against each other in a tournament match and it was a blink and you miss it affair.

242 lb Tomisakae did his best Usain Bolt impression sprinting out of the blocks at 319 lb Musashikuni only for the man mountain to swing a right forearm at his opponent and leave him laying. For the layman, it looks like this just isn’t cricket but in fact, the move is legal! The technique is apparently called a kachi-age (搗ち上げ).

You take it from here Wikipedia … ‘a kachi-age is a technique where the wrestler folds his arms and rushes forward to hit the opponent’s chest or chin to make his posture upright. This is most commonly done at the tachi-ai and can also result in stunning the opponent. Literally translates as striking upward.’

And as the clip shows this was one seriously knockout kachi-age if there ever was onea pretty brutal super heavyweight KOTomisakae valiantly tries to make it to his feet after the dust has cleared, but then staggers and falls back again like he’s been on the pre-fight sake. After a performance like this, we might even see Dana White try and sign up Musashikuni Mamu for some UFC action.

Japan Sumo channel on YouTube

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