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4 Affordable Watches that’ll Stand the Test of Time

4 Affordable Watches that’ll Stand the Test of Time

A selection of the best men's watches

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” – Albert Einstein

The quest to find the perfect watch can be an arduous one, and costly for that matter. Here at The MALESTROM, we’re always on the lookout for that perfect timepiece, a watch for all occasions, the perfect blend of subtle style with a dash of panache.

A watch that’s unique, that could pass itself off as being high-end without the need to break the bank.

A watch suitable for a wedding, but one that looks good with a white t-shirt on an afternoon spent down the boozer. We all remember that first watch, whether it was the amazing James Bond theme tune playing number from Argos circa 1987.

The classic Casio calculator in gold that’s had a resurgence over the last decade, or even the funky luminous sporty Swatch watch, which by the way still has a lot to offer!

Indeed if you’ve ever had a pining for a watch then the chances are it’s an obsession that’s followed you well and truly into adulthood.

And if your anything like us guys at The MALESTROM HQ you’ll require a watch that looks expensive but won’t leave you dragging a bag of coppers to the bank at the month’s end to clear that credit card bill. Either way fear not, we’ve got a perfect little selection for you. Here are four affordable watches that’ll cover you for all occasions.

1. MVMT Classic Black Leather – £140

College dropouts done good, you better believe it. Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante sacked off the studies and decided to pursue their love affair with watches.

Creating their own empire all from the salubrious surroundings of their kitchen, and they surely couldn’t have imagined the success story that lay ahead.

Their mission to bring, ‘high-quality minimalist products at a revolutionary price,’ by cutting out the middle man and providing sales straight to the consumer.

This black leather piece stands out, and with interchangeable straps available from brown leather to black metal links you can’t go far wrong. There’s also a two-year guarantee for all you clumsy clots.

2. RIP CURL Mission Digital – €89.99

If your the outdoorsy action type, who likes nothing more than jumping out of planes and chasing big waves then maybe this camo digital number that’s waterproof to a 100m (for all you guys that live under the sea) is the watch for you.

3. CIRCULR Gold Mesh – £39

This luxury gold mesh watch from CIRCULR is the absolute epitome of affordable style. Another brand that’s relatively new on the scene, they’ve also scrapped the markups to sell directly to the consumer.

There’s a huge range if gold isn’t your thing and at these prices, you might be tempted to buy the lot. A big tick for looking the part, a huge tick on cost.

VOCA Tempus Black Suede  – £85

VOCA watches are another brand that’s focus is solely on minimalist high-quality design. Their USP is the offer of bespoke personalised designs based on your specific preferences and tastes.

We love this black suede piece, that would work equally well in formal or casual occasions. It won’t cost the earth but it sure looks the part.

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