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5 Tips to Keep a Well-Groomed Beard

5 Tips to Keep a Well-Groomed Beard

Having some issues with that fuzz on your face? Have no fear, Paul Agelidis, the Founder and Owner at Revolucion, a cigar, tobacco and men’s gift shop in beautiful Vancouver, BC, is here to give us his 5 tips on how to keep a well-groomed beard.

You can pull off some amazing looks with a beard, but not one that hasn’t been properly cared for. The scraggly, uneven, frizzy look of an ungroomed beard does no face any favors. If you want to wear a beard, you need to be prepared for all the care that it’s going to take. That may mean some money, some understanding of facial care, and even a few trips to the beauty section of your local drugstore. It will all be worth it when you have a noble-looking beard.

Start with the proper tools

Like with any endeavor, to stand a chance you’re going to want to go in with the right tools. For a beard, that means a full grooming kit that includes at least an electric trimmer, some grooming scissors, an appropriate comb and a brush. Wooden combs work particularly well for beards since they pick up and move natural oils from the base of the hair to the ends.

Electric shavers with the proper attachments are very effective for keeping the cheeks and underside of the beard under control. Grooming scissors are necessary for cutting off loose hairs and for carefully trimming target areas. Beard brushes are more important when the beard is long enough that it can be shaped.

Give yourself enough extra time in the morning to do a good job

Once you have the proper tools to trim your beard, make sure that your purchase is worthwhile by giving yourself extra time in the morning to dedicate to beard grooming. Doing a good job can mean devoting up to 20 minutes a day to beard grooming alone. For many people, the multistage process involves shaving any unwanted growth, going over the beard with an electric razor with a guard over it, clipping off any damaged hairs with scissors, and then gently brushing in a moisturizer.

That’s more than enough to disrupt the morning plans of most people. So, make sure that you’re ready and willing to make this investment before the box with the grooming supplies arrives. The longer your beard grows, the more time you’ll have to devote to getting it to look right.

Invest in mirrors that allow you to see every angle

You’ll thank yourself for investing in extra mirrors if you’re truly dedicated to having a well-groomed beard. To properly trim any beard, it’s important to see yourself at multiple angles. If you don’t, you can be blind to hairs and whole tufts that stick out in weird directions. You can easily create a bad neck or cheek line if the only view you can see properly is the one where you are looking directly forward.

If it’s possible, try to get a three-part segmented mirror, where the outside segments turn toward the middle. When these mirrors are folder up about a quarter of the way, you’ll be able to easily see both cheeks and both jawlines without turning your head.

Pay attention to the lines and slopes

Keeping the beard at just the right length is only a small part of beard grooming. What is more important — and more obvious to the people you meet — is the lines and slopes that form the boundaries of your beard. For example, what kind of line does your beard make down your cheek? Is it a steep vertical line or a gentle slope?

The same question can be asked about the jaw. When people see the side of your face, how is the jaw defined? Is the beard trimmed to soften or sharpen it? Does the beard go past the jaw to slightly under the ear? These are all a major part of the impression your beard leaves. Pay close attention to creating pleasing lines when you choose the boundaries of your beard.

Keep the neck clear

Throughout time, many different beard styles have come and gone. The weirdest styles somehow reached peak fashion, from massive mutton chops to Fu Manchus. What has never managed to make it big in any society is beard on the neck. It erases the jaw and makes the head look misshapen. There is no better advice for trimming the neck other than to keep it as clean as possible. For the neck alone, it’s worth keeping the razor you used to use to go clean-shaven.

Wear your trimmed beard with pride

By following these steps, you can have a trimmed beard that you can wear with pride. Make sure that you start with the right tools, give yourself enough time, and have awareness of the right sections to focus on. After that, it’s just a matter of picking the style you like and standing out wherever you go.

About the Author:

Paul Agelidis has been the founder and owner of Revolucion, a Canadian cigar, tobacco and men’s gift shop in Vancouver, since 2005. For the last decade Paul has worked very hard to become an expert in tobacco products, men’s care, travel & accessories, body & bath, and gifts & home. Prior to 2005, from 1997 – 2005 Paul worked in the wholesale cigar industry and travelled to the annual cigar trade show (Habanos Festival every February). He loves to share his tips with others who are looking to achieve a complete lifestyle with the finer things in life.


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