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The Best Cold Weather Jackets: Style EDIT

The Best Cold Weather Jackets: Style EDIT

Pike Brothers N-1 Deck jacket Waxed Olive

As the weather gets colder attention turns to one’s winter wardrobe and the most important element of that particular attire is, of course, a sturdy, all-weather jacket that’ll not only keep you toastie as the temperatures drop, but will also stand the test of time.

After all, there’s little point in investing your hard earned on something that won’t see you through a few more winters at the very least.

With trends coming back round at a rate of knots, or maybe we’re just getting old, you’ll need something that’s on point right now but likely won’t look out of place in forthcoming seasons.

On that basis we’ve picked out our selection of the best winter jackets on the market, for right now and the future. Here’s our Cold Weather Jackets EDIT, enjoy.

Shearling Biker Jacket at Topman – £95

Shearling Jacket Top Man

As the debate rages on about whether we should or shouldn’t still be shopping at Topman given the disturbing recent revelations regarding their owner, and the likelihood is that our moral compass will point south sometime soon.

Before that moment arises, maybe get on over and grab yourself one of these shearling biker jackets. A classic fit with nice buckle detail, you can’t go wrong.

Brown Check Track Jacket at Urban Outfitters – £89

Urban Outfitters UO Borg Brown Check Track Jacket

This delightful brown check jacket from Urban Outfitters is both bold and subtle in equal measure.

It has something of an old school 70s feel, thanks to the multi brown pattern, but equally of the moment thanks to the fleece texture.

North Face Camouflage-Print Quilted Ripstop Down Jacket at Mr Porter – £200

The North Face 1996 Nuptse Camoflage Print Quilted Ripstop Down Jacket

For those already kitted out with a spot of The North Face, the cold weathers just something other people talk about, a minor blip on the calendar.

However, for those who spend the festive season shivering their nether regions off, it might be time to invest in some real quality. Like this on point camo number.

Waxed Olive Deck Jacket at American Classics – £330

1944 N1 Deck Jacket Waxed Olive Pike Brothers


Originally issued to U.S Navy personnel and made famous by screen legend Paul Newman, this beauty was designed to withstand the harshest weather condition at sea.

Full of little design details like the hidden knitted cuffs and an inside pocket for the old mobile. You won’t go wrong with this jacket and it’ll be making an appearance for many years to come.

Raglan Heavy Cord Jacket at Peggs and Son – £250

raglan heavy cord jacket beige from Peggs & Son

The style seekers jacket of choice might just be this raglan number, available from the consistently wonderful Peggs & Son.

Based on traditional French workwear but appropriated with a contemporary twist, this heavy cord jacket will mark you out from the crowd in the best possible way. It might benefit from an additional scarf and hat, but no drama there.

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