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The Best Men’s Skincare Brands for the Hot & Humid Summer Months

The Best Men’s Skincare Brands for the Hot & Humid Summer Months

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The hot summer months can be a nightmare for male skin. With the warmer weather leaving you clogged up with dirt and oil, meaning you’re less likely to moisturise or apply the necessary suncare. But, fear not, there’s plenty of options out there in the current men’s grooming market.

Gone are the days of splashing some aftershave on your already dry, parched face, these days there’s an array of skin solutions for every need. So keep that visage of yours crispy clean and nourished with our guide to the best men’s skincare brands that’ll leave you fresh-faced during the warmer weather.

Otis Skincare

A tube of Otis Skincare Daily Face Wash

French skin saviours Otis Skincare have created a simple yet extremely effective range of products suitable for a variety of skin types. Their fantastic exfoliating Daily Face Wash containing black tea extract, aloe vera and tea tree oil is genuinely one of the best of its kind on the market.

It’s non-drying formula, leaves the skin feeling incredibly clean and soft while appearing brighter and works well pre-shave. Trust us, a little goes a long way.

And when aided by their superb lightweight, non-oily Hydrating Daily Moisturiser containing hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and the anti-ageing peptide Matryxl to promote collagen growth, you’ve got hydrated skin minus the pore clogging heavyweight lotion many of us struggle with.

Otis has produced a genuinely luxurious skincare range that’s well worth the investment and perfect for ageing male skin.

Hawkins & Brimble

A tube of Hawkis & Brimble Face Wash

Hawkins and Brimble founder Stephen Shortt has brought traditional barbershop style grooming products to the high street, that’ll work wonders for your tired and dull-looking skin.

Their classic looking range is by no means style over substance and is another great example of how far men’s grooming has travelled in recent years. Their Face Wash is a fantastic cleanser, with a great scent, that leaves the skin feeling wonderfully refreshed without any of the drying out you might typically associate with a good scrub.

That’s thanks to the aloe vera leaf extract, while salicylic acid will slay away any unwanted blemishes. Great for sensitive skin, especially when used alongside their Daily Energising Moisturiser, that revives your dull appearance but once again is easily absorbed by the skin.


The Men-ü Face Was and Moisturiser

Men-Ü is a one-stop shop for all the grooming needs a modern man could encounter, and with an affordable price tag to match. In fact, the whole range is available in ‘Buddy Tubes’, a small 15 ml sized option ideal for travelling or if you want to test the product first.

Their Healthy Facial Wash is in many ways a naturally effective antibacterial cleanser perfect for those with greasy and spot prone skin, thanks to its high concentration of tea tree, however, there’s a healthy dose aloe vera and provitamin b5 to offer a soothing, natural finish.

Throw their Matt Moisturiser into the mix and you’ll be counting your blessings in the skin parched but equally sweat-inducing summer months, as the sebum absorbing action gets to work leaving the skin soft and refreshed, but thank the lord dry shine free.


The Epionce Facial Cleanser and Lytec X

Epionce skincare has previously been voted the best anti-ageing skincare line in the US, while also serving as a go-to range for doctors and medical aesthetic clinics in the UK. As our sun-drenched skin desperately seeks solace in the summer months, you should try out the anti-inflammatory Lytic Gel Cleanser that’s designed to remove any excess oils in the skin.

While the sun might seem like a friend to those with problematic skin conditions, often times it can make matters worse, especially when you throw skin clogging SPF and sun creams into the mix (that’s not to say don’t use them folks!). But what Epionce deliver is targeted skin relief that’s highly concentrated and extremely effective.

Add a bottle of their Lytic TX in your shopping cart and you’ve got a highly effective treatment that targets irritation and imperfections in the skin. Texture and tone will visibly improve and you’ll be seeing a younger looking you in no time (especially if you’re staring at old photo albums). Either way, these guys know what they’re doing and are one of the best men’s skincare brands around.

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