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Going Green: The Interior Style EDIT

Going Green: The Interior Style EDIT

Green interior style selected items

Far from being a seasonal choice, green has become a permanent fixture in the interior style stakes in 2018. In fact across the board varying tones of green are dominating the world of fashion and design.

And, rather than the traditionally connoted earthy and warming vibes that are the signpost of neutral colouring, green actually offers a bright, vibrant and zesty effect that’ll lift any environment.

Get onboard with our guide to the best in green interiors and give your living quarters a much-needed lift with what is officially the hottest colour trend of the year.

Hay Eclectic rectangle cushion in Jade from Cos – £49

Cushions, like lampshades and rugs, are a great way of elevating a room from dull and drab to light and vibrant. This jade-hued piece from Cos is bang on the money and a great start for your newly spruced up living space.

Tanum flat woven rug from Ikea – £6.50

The more rugs the better we say and if it’s value for money you’re after then a pair of these Tanum handwoven rugs from Swedish superstore Ikea are a great addition. Plus it’s a perfect excuse for a bit of meatball action to fuel your shopping spree.

3 Intagande glass in light green from Ikea – £1.25

While you’re there get your hands on some of these simple but stylish retro drinking glasses that’ll add an extra layer of green to your life without having to go full-on renovation. It’s all about small additions and these are a winner in our eyes.

Hay Kaleido Tray in XSmall Mint from The Lollipop Shoppe – £13

Need a tray for your new glasses? Of course you do, which is why you should check out The Lollipop Shoppe where aside from this delightful number you’ll find a whole world of bespoke design items from a wide a range of brands.

Soccer Poster from Fine Little Day – £26

Artwork particularly prints are a great way to add a splash of colour to any room and this framed poster originally imagined by the hand of Elizabeth Dunker will work wonders when framed. Subtlety and style in equal measure.

Terracotta Hex Planter in Green from Darkroom – £15

Plants themselves are an obvious way to bring a dose of green to your home and while they not only improve the quality of the air indoors they’re also one of the biggest trends of recent years, particularly with millennials. They require little effort, so get yourself started by bagging this terracotta planter with a bold dose of the green stuff.

Bobby Multi-Coloured Desk Lamp from Habitat – £25

This desk lamp is as easy on the eye as desk lamps get, Habitat still knocks out the best in quality interiors and this multicoloured illuminator is about as now as now can get. Just don’t let it distract you from the mountain of work that’s piling up on that desk of yours.

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