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Meet the Brand: Introducing Dorco – Kings of the Close Shave

Meet the Brand: Introducing Dorco – Kings of the Close Shave

Shaving, let’s be honest, can be a right pain in the backside. You press snooze once too often on the alarm and suddenly, bam your whole day is out of whack before you’ve even looked in the mirror and tackled that dark shadow casting a gloomy presence over proceedings. Well, and we can confirm this scenario is about to change, as shaving has never been so enjoyable, thanks to the Korean masterminds at Dorco, who’ve developed a brand new (to us at least) razorblade that will transform your morning routine.

Now we’re not trying to shamelessly encourage you to purchase a product, we’re simply trying to enlighten you to a brand that we were very fortunate to have come across that absolutely works and we believe in. The added bonus is the Dorco crew also happen to be a great bunch, who emphasise quality and go out of their way to ensure that you get exactly what you pay for. Which, by the way, is one of the closest shaves we’ve ever had since that time we tried to chat up Anthony Joshua’s girlfriend.

We’re all about championing brands we love here at The MALESTROM, why don’t you tell our readers a bit about Dorco and how the business came about…

Dorco is a Korean razor producer, which prides itself on being one of the leaders in technology and innovation and staying there. We always want to be on the ‘cutting edge’ of the industry, so to speak!

And how the business came about? Now that’s going back a while! Dorco is over 63 years old. We were founded in 1955, in the newly formed South Korea; in fact, the company is almost as old as the country itself!

We believe the breadth of experience that we’ve gained over the past half-century (and more), has put us in a great position. We came over here in 2015 – and we’re coining our own slogan here – to ‘Get Closer’ to UK customers. We saw a small gap in the market to offer an easy-to-use, flexible shaving service for both guys and girls and have found that we really like it over here.

What are some of the pitfalls you’ve faced along the way?

At Dorco, we prefer to call them challenges. It may sound like a cliché, but we openly and actively embrace challenges.
Setting up outside of our home nation, and then going one step further and moving out beyond our own continent, was always going to be hard – selling razors to people from totally different cultures, with totally different habits is no easy feat. But we managed to expand outside of Korea and we’re hell-bent on developing a relatability between us and our customers, they are people that we really care about. We like to think we look after them – they deserve it!

What is your ethos? And how important is it to the brand?

Ethos is everything. We know that being a relatable and reliable brand and a having clear purpose and principles is of the utmost importance! It’s no longer good enough just producing really great products, people want more and we aim to Get Closer to what people want!

We pride ourselves on being three things – friendly, reliable and inclusive. We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘The Customer is King’, and here at Dorco we make sure our top priority is the service that we provide our subscribers, keeping them happy. This relates both to the quality of the razors and blades that we produce, and the manner in which we supply them.

Tell us more about your products? 

We’ve got a whole host of great products which we feel your readers would love. We’ve poured our wealth of experience into our products, with each razor being meticulously designed using the technology know-how we’ve always been so renowned for!

As we’ve already touched upon, at Dorco, we’re all about top quality service and products. This wouldn’t have been achievable were it not for our heritage and Korean blade-making experience, it is something that we’re proud of.

What’s more, we are the only razor brand in the UK to offer a subscription service to both men and women. This means that you and your wife, husband or partner can get all your shaving needs delivered to your door, when you need, with just the click of a mouse. Also, every head is compatible with Dorco handles thanks to Dorco’s Common Docking Technology!

What’s the most popular item right now? Any offers our readers should know about?

The one which your sartorially astute readers might be most interested in hearing about is the Dorco CLASSIC. It’s actually the world’s first, seven-bladed razor, It’s got an enviable combo of precision, comfort, and technology – so we’re pretty confident that once you’ve used it, you’ll never look back!

What’s more, it has an absolutely beautiful vintage-styled ergonomic design, meaning it looks gorgeous as good as it feels, and when paired with our Shave Gel (which has been nominated for a GQ Grooming Award), makes for a shaving experience to be reckoned with!

If your readers are more interested in our subscription service, then they’d love our PACE 6 Plus, I believe you guys have tried both, so you can back us up on this! And for your female readers, we also have our six-bladed Dorco EVE 6, which – and yes, of course, we would say this – is really special. It has a head which actually bends into a concave shape, so will respond and adapt to the natural curves that all bodies have.

What does the future have in store? What are your aims?

To have every man and woman in the UK wake up, have a shower and reach for their Dorco razor, of course! We’re working to establish ourselves in the UK further, as a brand that provides people with a smooth and hassle-free shave.

How important is it to engage with other like-minded brands?

We LOVE the idea of working with likeminded brands and are always on the lookout for brands who we feel have similar values to ours and with whom we share mutual sweet spots.

What’s your favourite independent brand? 

There are too many to choose from – we love a lot of the work going on in the grooming space that involves reviving classic designs, but with a slightly modern twist. Timeless, but cutting edge – it’s how we like to think of ourselves, and we love seeing likeminded brands doing it well!

How can people track you down?

Our website – is the best place to find out more about our range and heritage. That said, we always love hearing from customers and can be reached at

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