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Meet the Brand: Sustainable Style with Enable8 Clothing

Meet the Brand: Sustainable Style with Enable8 Clothing

Model wearing a grey Enable8 jumper

It’s a no brainer right? The majority of people would absolutely love to be living in a world that is more environmentally conscious. A clean living lifestyle where the products we buy are ethical, sustainable and fully traceable.

Of course many do successfully manage to adhere to this way of living, however, it’s a challenge, and one that so often we have very little control of, at least, it certainly feels that way.

Thankfully there are many out there willing to stick their neck above the parapet and do the hard yards for us. One such man is Nathan Holt, founder of Enable8 clothing, he’s on a mission to help others understand and the world take notice of what can be achieved with the right mindset and a hefty dose of consideration not just for the planet, but the people who inhabit it.

The MALESTROM: We’re all about championing brands we love here at The MALESTROM, why don’t you tell our readers a bit about yourselves and how the business came about?

Nathan Holt: Sure, my name is Nathan Holt and I’m the founder of Enable8 clothing. Right now it’s pretty much just me, I guess you could call it a one-man brand. I create the designs and take care of the website and marketing.

I have outsourced the fulfilment side of the business to a company called Teemill that sources, prints and delivers the garments.

The business came about because I was inspired to combine my passions for metaphysics and art to spread the message of consciousness. It all fell into place a few months ago during a business meeting about something totally different. Since then I’ve been riding the waves of inspiration, working smart and learning loads as I go!

TM: Now, it’s quite a unique creative process, tell us about the designs and how they come about?

NH: Ah yes, the process! Fortunately, we no longer burn witches and wizards so I’ll go into some details!

Firstly, being a certified Law of Attraction Practioner, I use a technique called rampaging.

This involves tapping into the thoughts and feelings associated with a particular empowering subject, for example, clarity, and then really allowing a stream of internal dialogue to flow until I feel I am fully embodying the frequency of clarity.

I then sit down and begin to induce a meditational state. It’s all about going beyond thought at this stage, not to stop thought, more to become the observer of it from a deeper perspective. This is where I can feel my true nature, the infinite part of me, maybe we could call it spirit.

Whatever it is, I can simply say that it feels like the opposite to time and form. It could last a second or two, or a few minutes to on occasion longer periods. Then I draw. Beginning with a blue pencil to flow easily the energy being expressed.

Then I use either black or white ink pens to define and refine the lines. I never know what will come out at the end, which is a strengthening of faith and always a cool surprise!

I have some digital production skills, however, I outsourced the digital mastering of these latest designs to an artist I collaborated with on Instagram called John Harman, he’s amazing and I really appreciated him helping me speed up the final production stage.

Then it’s all about going into the back end of the website design studio to upload designs onto products, then publish them onto the live site where they are available to purchase.

A model wearing a black Enable8 t-shirt

TM: Using sustainable and ethical materials and creating products that are traceable. How difficult is that, and how important is it to you to spread that message? 

NH: It is definitely something that was a no brainer for me. The whole intention of the brand is to raise awareness of consciousness within ourselves, and from this vibrational stance comes natural conscious choices with regard to our personal wellbeing as well as that of our environment.

Through a recommendation from a friend, I got in touch with Teemill. They are located just up the road from where I am living so I visited their factory and was more than impressed with their brilliant setup.

Every product and process ticks all the boxes for a conscious fashion brand!

TM: And where are they made?

NH: They are made in an ethically accredited factory in India and printed in an energy renewable factory in the UK.

At the bottom of my website is a link, shows the product journey from start to finish!

TM: How difficult is it to produce something to these specifications?

NH: Well, I would say it’s only difficult if it’s not really that important to you. It’s totally possible and with more brands choosing this ethos it becomes easier for more to follow.

TM: What are some of the pitfalls you’ve faced along the way?

NH: I think that feeling overwhelmed with what needs to be done has been the main challenge for me. However, this is a common problem with many projects and indeed within our personal lives too. I practice meditation every day and this really helps me to stay present.

Being present is the key to focusing on what task is required and also doing it to my best ability. So, I would say that this project has sharpened my focus and present moment awareness.

When things get kind of on top, I just focus on ten-minute increments of time and this is a really effective way to build momentum and get a lot of things done well.

A model wearing a white Enable8 t-shirt

TM: Is it difficult getting the message out there? On the whole, people seem really onboard with a ‘clean lifestyle’ if you like. In many cases, people don’t know where to look…

NH: Right now that is my biggest challenge, getting my brand seen by the target market of people who love the ethos and products.

You’re right, living clean is definitely on the rise and doesn’t have to affect someone’s lifestyle finances in such a big way anymore. Where to look is definitely something that I am keen to spread awareness about.

I’ve found ethical fashion bloggers and ‘ecopreneur’ groups on Facebook and Instagram, these are great to connect with as a conscious brand and I’m sure over time more people will connect and grow this movement.

Enable8 clothing is the outer reflection of a deeper message that is laser-focused on assisting the raising of vibrations.  Search #consciousfashion for a plethora of cool accounts!

TM: What is your ethos? And how important is it to the brand?

NH: The ethos is ‘Combining Consciousness and Fashion’. Essentially it is about creating high vibrational designs and then to combine them with high vibrational garments.

To create a super high vibrational product that resonates with the frequency of a higher conscious state. Enable means to allow and empower, 8 is the symbol of the infinite.

So to enable the infinite part within ourselves is to be conscious and present, to be really living and experiencing life in the moment. It’s what the intention of creating the brand is all about so I would say it is very important.

TM: What’s the most popular item right now?

NH: Right now the most popular item is the KOOL Men’s Black T-shirt, the other designs aren’t far behind though. Crewneck jumpers have just been released and are starting to sell too, the cold weather is helping with that!

TM: What does the future have in store? What are your aims?

NH: There’ll be hoodies hitting the store in the near future and some new designs coming in the springtime.

There are also plans for a newsletter featuring tips and techniques on how to practice higher states of consciousness, as well as sneak peeks into freshly drafted designs for customer feedback before they go through the digital process.

The main aim is to create a community based around a stylish and eco range of clothing that also gives its customers an easily accessible and understandable resource for self-realisation, empowerment and expansion. Lots of people walking around wearing Enable8 and spreading high vibrations… that’s the vision!

Enable8 logo

TM: What advice would you have for anyone thinking of starting his or her own independent business?

NH: Go for it! Work as smart as you can and use the resources that are available that allow you to focus more time on your strengths.

Make tasks achievable in shorter time frames and at the same time don’t focus too much on to-do lists. It’s good to write out a plan however work more to a calendar rather than a list and this will help prioritise what needs to be done first.

If you have a desire to start an independent business then visualise the finished result first as much as possible before you begin taking physical action.

This way when it comes to doing all the necessary things it will feel a lot easier. Most importantly, make a start. This reminds me of the wise saying, ‘The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, the other best time is now.’

TM: How important is it to engage with other like-minded brands?

NH: I’m finding this to be really important and helpful. I come from a mindset of there being no competition, so connecting and communicating with like-minded brands has given me a lot of inspiration and made me feel like a part of a community that I am contributing to.

TM: What’s your favourite independent brand? Who would you nominate for us to feature next?

NH: My favourite independent brand would have to be Uniforms For The Dedicated. I made friends with one of the founders of this Swedish brand, Michael Lind, when I was surfing in India back in 2012.

I was so inspired by the whole concept of sustainable clothing that was actually fashionable. They are a creative collective of surfing, skating, snowboarding friends that make music and videos too.

Michael Lind is the man, he now travels the world as a speaker and visionary of sustainable solutions and the brand is globally recognised.

I would also like to give a shout out to Rapanui, they are another inspiration and it is through their other business project Teemill, that I have been able to get up and running so rapidly utilising a well developed sustainable process.

TM: How can people track you down?

NH: The website is and we can also be found on Instagram, where we feature new products, special offers and share tips and techniques on many empowering subjects.

If anyone is curious about the journey and development of the brand, plus more in-depth metaphysical information then it’s worth checking out @n8than8 on Instagram and

TM: For anyone out there looking to learn more about living a more sustainable life, and change their approach, what advice would you have for them?

NH: I would say that it would be wise to look at one small area of your life say vegetables, coffee, T-Shirts, toothpaste or even your wallet.

Check out how far you can trace it back to the origin of where it came from and how it is made. Then, if it isn’t from a sustainable source have a look into alternative products that are sustainable.

It doesn’t have to be a massive drastic overwhelming change driven by guilt and shame. Make it a slow process that becomes a gradual higher percentage in your choices.

Predominantly though, I would advise practicing present moment awareness and feel the internal benefits of being in conscious states, which naturally leads to sustainable choices.

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