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Men’s Summer Style on a Budget

Men’s Summer Style on a Budget

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It’s been a bit stop-start this summer, no scrap that, it’s been one of the worst we can remember, at least for twelve months. Promising sunny mornings, followed by cloudy afternoons and wet evenings, the odd hot day interspersed, maybe the season’s are changing, Perhaps in October we’ll be having one of those Indian Summer’s?

Either way, if you’ve not quite got that Summer wardrobe sorted, or maybe you just haven’t bothered, or indeed, if you’re heading off to more tropical climes and need a bit of inspiration, there’s actually a ton of bargains to be had.

Whether it’s summer sales or just reasonably priced offerings from those places you might not normally think to look, we’ve got you covered. Men, get that summer style on a budget, and just think if you did lose your luggage, no big deal right?!

Waffle Knit Crew Neck T-Shirt from Uniqlo

Waffle Knit T UNIQLO

The perfect summer T-shirt from Uniqlo, is this textured waffle knit number, available in a range of colours, we’re big on the classic blue. An absolute snip as well reduced to £7.90. Ideal for layering or just a casual look.

Palm Printed Cuban Collar Shirt from Reiss

Reiss Cuban Collar Shirt

There’s a ton of stuff to rifle through in the Reiss summer sale, and some absolute bargains to boot. Like this short sleeve lightweight Cuban Collar shirt, that’s right on the money and with more than fifty quid off at £30.00, you better move fast.

Stretch Slim Chino Shorts from Matalan

Matalan Chino shorts

Yes’ that’s Matalan people, they’ve got an awesome range of smart and casual shorts that feel a lot more expensive than the price tag. These khaki chinos are spot on, but at these prices, you might want to fill your basket. Available for £14.00!

Gold Aviator Sunglasses from Primark

Primark Gold AviatorsDon’t be a fool and leave those expensive shades by the pool, in fact, don’t take them to the beach either. Grab a pair of these crazy cheap, but rather stylish looking aviators from Primark, for only £2.00, bargain!

Straw Fedora Hat from ASOS

Bucket hats are everywhere, which is a good reason not to get one. We suggest you go classic with a nice straw number like this traditional, very reasonably priced Fedora from ASOS. At only £10.00 you can’t go wrong.

O’Neill Flip Flops from Sports Direct

It’s no wonder Mike Ashley hasn’t got any money to invest in the Newcastle squad the price he’s selling his goods at! These quality O’Neill flip flops are stylish, subtle and a bit of a throwback. A snip at £20.

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