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Spring Season Style is all about Light Layers: The EDIT

Spring Season Style is all about Light Layers: The EDIT

A selection of Spring style clothing for men

What to do about the spring season style conundrum? With March upon us, we as a nation should be displaying all our foolhardiness by embracing the new season and dressing wildly inappropriately, urging summer to arrive just that little bit quicker.

But oh no, the Beast from the East has put pay to any sartorial adjustments you may have had in mind, aside from the snow, the wind has been genuinely Baltic putting pay to any fashion forays!

Well, fear not, we have a solution of sorts, it’s time to get on board with the spring/summer clothing vibe without succumbing to any number of cold weather ailments, by layering up. Yes, people get with it, this Spring is all about light layers, keeping you looking cool without feeling so. It’s our pleasure.

Fine-knit Cotton Jumper from H&M – £29.99

What H&M don’t know about fine-knit cotton jumpers ain’t worth knowing my friends. Get yourself in the mood for spring with this new season sweater.

And, embrace the thought of times less cold and dreary with a splash of colour and elegance that won’t leave you feeling the chill, not of course when you add these forthcoming layers to your shivering body.

Nature VI Sport in White Combi from Clarks – £99

A love affair with Clarks could never be a passing phase, not while they continue to make the greatest shoe known to man, which one? The Wallabee of course, but you knew that.

Either way, although it’s our favourite topic of conversation – is not why we’re here. We’re here to shine a light on these awesome and lovable, ridiculously comfortable hybrid sports shoes that every man needs to own.

3 Tan Corduroy Cap from Zara – £12.99

For those with unruly locks, or more importantly no locks for that matter, and for any that just can’t be bothered with their follicles being blown around in this unusually windswept month of March, then a cap is a must.

Not just any old cap however, this incredibly reasonably priced corduroy number that is so perfectly on trend, any spring season style leaders will need one on their hatstand. Head on over to Zara before they inevitably disappear.

Argo Base Layer in Flame from Finisterre – £50

If Finisterre isn’t on your radar then it certainly should be. Originally setting out to create a fleece perfectly suited to warming windswept and cold bodies fresh out of the sea.

Their sustainable, functional ethos has seen the brand grow into market leaders, particularly popular with extreme sporting enthusiasts.

This fresh bold coloured underlayer will keep you warm or cool depending on the need, thanks to their innovative approach to creating all-natural material blends, this one’s 100 per cent merino wool.

5 FÖRENKLA backpack from Ikea – £27

Everyone’s favourite furniture flat packers, aren’t just transforming the nation’s living rooms they’re also upping the ante in the world of cool and casual storage for a busy man on the move.

This backpack could easily slip your notice when tucking into your meatballs while the missus drags fourteen trolleys round the interior design paradise that is Ikea. Either way, pick up one of these, you won’t regret it.

6 MHL. Basic T-shirt Cotton Linen Jersey in Cloud from Margaret Howell – £65

If you’re a man that’s looking for functional, relaxed, quality clothing that doesn’t spare in the style stakes then you need Margaret Howell in your life and your wardrobe, figuratively speaking.

There’s plenty to peruse, but maybe wait till payday unless you’re the strong-willed type, we’ve picked out this relaxed cotton-linen jersey t-shirt to welcome in the new season.

7 U Ultra Light Down Compact Blouson from Uniqlo – £59.90

If it’s a lightweight warm jacket – perfect for winters end and the start of a new season that you’re after then it’s a mystery why you’d look any further than the fine offerings at Uniqlo.

The ideal top layer, this ultra light, ultra thin blouson will see you into the start of the warmer months while being your go-to garment for those cooler spring/summer nights.

8 Hikaru Noguchi Mini Basket Scarf in Choco Blue from Peggs & son – £59.40

Leading the way when it comes to curating bespoke seasonal style, our favourite independent one-stop shop for comfort and quality in equal measure, Peggs & Son, have a fine range in additional apparel.

Accessorise your sartorial spring wardrobe while battling the colder than usual temperatures with this 100 per cent lambswool basket scarf as imagined by the wonderful Hikaru Noguchi.

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