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Following Nature’s Path with Sustainable Pioneers Fjällräven
Aldio Kane sat by a tree wearing the Fjӓllrӓven Clothing Range

Nestled in the midst of the stunning mountain ranges and deep forests of Örnsköldsvik in Northern Sweden lies the birthplace of Fjällräven.

With a focus on the environment and an emphasis on maintaining a deep relationship with nature, Fjällräven has been blazing a trail for sustainable products for over half a century.

The materials they choose and develop have set the standard in the outdoor industry, from organic cotton that forgoes the use of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilisers to fully traceable wool from carefully selected farms.

There’s also their innovative and forward-thinking down promise and a commitment to producing cruelty-free down with no live-plucking. While their recycled polyester makes use of plastic PET bottles, reducing their use of materials from non-renewable sources.

Creating some serious clobber that’s stylish, sustainable, and durable is no mean feat. Whether you spend your free time exploring the great outdoors or simply need some comfortable protection from the harsh British Winter weather, we urge you take some consideration to the type of product you buy and the consequences thereof.

If anyone knows a thing or two about the kind of suitable clothing that’s required for a journey into the unknown, it’s former Royal Marine Aldo Kane.

And, with his own experiences of far-flung environments and understanding of the requirements for the harshest terrains added to serious knowledge on the impact of unsustainable practices, he was the perfect choice to test out Fjällräven’s latest kit.

Currently appearing on our screens with the hugely successful Expedition with Steve Backshall on Dave, they’ve been investigating some of the most rugged and challenging landscapes on earth to discover never before seen wildlife, people and territories.

We took Aldo off the beaten path with Fjällräven’s trekking range in hand and got his take on why we should all be aware of the importance of a sustainable approach.

Aldo Kane wearing a Singi Wool Padded Parka from Fjӓllrӓven
Singi Wool Padded Parka Made from Fjällräven signature G-1000 material, composed of polyester and cotton, this stylish Parka is incredibly hardwearing and with the addition of Greenland Wax becomes waterproof.
Fjällräven Keb Trousers
Keb Trousers Ideal for the expeditionist! Stretchy, ventilating, and with spacious pockets.

Aldo Kane in the woods wearing a Singi Wool Padded Parka from Fjӓllrӓven

“To be honest most of the stuff that I use is amazing kit. Like everything from Fjällräven. For example, I’ve worn a pair of their trousers now, the same pair for three years. They’ve been in and out of umpteen volcanoes, they’ve been to the ends of the earth and back again and generally speaking they’re pretty decent and in good nick.”

Keb Trousers from Fjällräven

Aldo Kane in the woods wearing Fjӓllrӓven's sustainable clothing range
Greenland Re-Wool View Sweater Featuring a Greenland graphic pattern and made from recycled wool perfect for everyday living.

“Steve [Backshall] and I have travelled a lot over the last three years together. And we see a huge amount of devastation in areas that we’re going to. Whether that’s illegal mining, or whether it’s logging, whatever it is that’s causing the devastation and deforestation. In a lot of cases the people that are doing these things are doing it because they don’t have any other option. So it kind of opens your eyes up to the other side of it and the economies that are working from that.”

Aldo Kane in the Greenland Re-wool Sweater from Fjӓllrӓven

Aldo Kane crossing a log bridge in the woods wearing Fjӓllrӓven's sustainable clothing range

“Some of these environments are super fragile, like those inside caves, you have to make sure that everything that goes in gets taken out with you and there’s no litter of any kind left in there and that sort of thing.”

Aldo Kane wearing the Fjällräven Singi Wool Padded Parka and Chunky Hat
Chunky Hat Ribbed chunky hat that’s warm when wet.
Canada Wool Padded Jacket by Fjӓllrӓven
Canada Wool Padded Jacket The perfect jacket for the urban resident and country dweller alike. This soft padded flannel with additional wool padding.
Aldo Kane wearing the Canada Wool Padded Jacket by Fjӓllrӓven and Ventilated
Vidda Pro Ventilated Trs Featuring ventilation zippers, reinforced knees and stretch fabric, that’s customisable with Greenland Wax.

“I’m putting my kit through the ringer and it needs to last because firstly it’s a pain in the arse having to buy stuff all the time and also it’s that sustainability factor where you’re not throwing away kit every couple of weeks because you’ve been on one expedition. It’s the old adage of, you buy cheap, you buy twice.”

Canada Wool Padded Jacket by Fjӓllrӓven

Photography by Simon J Evans and Art Direction by Natalie Abram

Catch Aldo on Expedition with Steve Backshall, Sunday Night at 8pm on Dave

You can find out more information on Fjällräven and their sustainable approach and check out their whole range HERE


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