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Sustainable Style Guide: Beach Vibes

Sustainable Style Guide: Beach Vibes

A man walks along a groyne on the beach

If you’re looking to integrate a more sustainable approach to your everyday life, and along with that, want to maintain a degree of style and substance to match the all new environmentally friendly, socially conscious being you’ve become then you’re in the right place.

We’ve got together with some of our favourite brands to bring a selection of the great and the good when it comes to concern over the planet and its inhabitants. It’s our sustainable style guide, let’s hit the beach baby.

A beach groyne

“The Earth is what we all have in common.” – Wendell Berry

A man walks along a groyne as the waves crash around

Scarpa Margarita GTX – £145

The aptly named Italian footwear specialists Scarpa have been at the forefront of outdoor footwear innovation since way back in the 1930s. To this day they remain a family run company that are market leaders when it comes to innovation and expertise.

Scarpa’s number one lifestyle design brings all the comfort and durability of your typical outdoor footwear and transports it to the everyday urban setting.

Extremely comfortable and fully weatherproof, the Margarita GTX whilst perfect for those who like to head off the beaten track everyone once in a while also has a level of sophistication that makes them the perfect everyday footwear choice. We absolutely love these shoes.

A pair of grey Scarpa Margarita GTX sat on a pebbled beach

A pair of grey Scarpa Margarita GTX sat on a pebbled beach

Finisterre Petram Organic Slim Fit Jeans

Finisterre Petram Organic Slim Fit Jeans – £95

Environmentally sustainable products are very much the buzz manufacturing approach for both consumers and brands alike and thankfully so.

However, while much more consideration and effort are needed in the area of eco-consumerism, one brand that’s been shining a light on the stormy seas for over fifteen years now is Finisterre.

These hardy folk, while adopting a pioneering approach to producing environmentally conscious clothing, also make comfortable, functional long-lasting products that are almost effortlessly on point. Like these petram organic slim fit blue jeans, that ooze quality and comfort. You’d have to travel to the end of the earth to find a better pair of keks than these.

A man standing on a beach looking out to sea

Finisterre Petram Organic Slim Fit Jeans and Scarpa Margarita GTX

A man wearing a backpack looks out to sea

Paramo Ostro Plus Fleece – £160

And if you really are serious about ethical manufacturing then you should definitely pay a visit to Paramo and their sister company Nikwax. This British based clothing company was born out of a desire to create clothing that basically keeps you cool in warm conditions and vice versa warm in cooler temperatures.

Utilising their innovative directional fabric technology, Nikwax moves water i.e. sweat, condensation, raindrops, away from the body, maintaining dry air around it, clever stuff. Moreover, the Paramo factory is based in Colombia in collaboration with a local charity that provides skills and jobs for women at risk.

They’ve eliminated nylon fabrics from production and use non-toxic treatment processes. On top of that, they’re ridiculously cool and comfortable; trust us, you’ll want of these in your wardrobe.

Paramo Ostro Plus Fleece

Paramo Ostro Plus Fleece

A man kneels down and looks in his backpack on the beach

Dakine Concourse 30L Backpack – $120

For anyone who hasn’t heard of American company Dakine, they’ve been making quality outerwear and accessories for lovers of action sports and the great outdoors since the late 70s. They’re also big on sustainability, with an ethos of respect and appreciation for the land and the sea and our relationships with them.

They make a maximum effort to make sure all their products have a minimum impact on the environment, with the entire supply chain of a material validated to ensure it uses the most friendly chemistry and processes and use of the likes of recycled PET fibres in their backpacks and apparel.

This 30l concourse backpack has all the compartments needed for life on the go, with plenty of storage for your tech like laptop and headphones along with whatever else you might be journeying with. A great piece of kit.

Dakine Concourse 30L Backpack

Dakine Concourse 30L Backpack

Dakine Concourse 30L Backpack

All images by Simon J Evans.

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