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Wimbledon: Style Edit

Wimbledon: Style Edit

A selection of tennis related items

Ah, the comforting sound of racquet on ball, the sight of beleaguered tennis fans in plastic poncho’s, bowls of strawberries and cream and the everlasting rain delays that see Cliff Richard dusting off his mic.

It is, of course, Wimbledon, that time of the year when productivity in the workplace drops off a cliff, as office staff up and down Britain secretly watch BBC iPlayer on their company PC.

Spending the day at Wimbledon when the sun’s shining is a summertime experience that’s hard to beat.

And, if you’re keen with racquet in hand or just like to rock a retro casual vibe a la McEnroe/Bjorg circa 1981 – then you can consider yourself well and truly covered with our guide to Wimbledon style.

One that every fashion conscious tennis player needs, regardless of whether you’re watching or hitting the court.

1 Lacoste regular fit net print cotton pique Polo £66

Lacoste has long been synonymous with tennis and sightings of the famous crocodile logo will continue as long as they keep making quality looking gear like this neat Polo shirt.

Coming out of their Lignes de courte collection this graphic lined, check number is perfect for sipping a cocktail while watching Andy Murray on Centre Court.

2 Adidas Headband from Direct Tennis £7.19

A cool looking headband is a must. You can wear it on and off the court, although you might look a bit weird in the office. This deep blue Adidas one ticks all boxes and is an accessory to have in the bag.

3 Sergio Tacchini Ghibli Track Top in Navy/Red from 80s Casual Classics £59
To follow in the footsteps of one of the court style icons you need to get yourself this Sergio Tacchini tracky top.

John McEnroe rocked this very design in 1980. It’s dripping with retro cool and it’ll make you stand out down the tennis club in a good way. The height of Wimbledon style.

4 Slazenger Ball from Sports Direct £5

New balls, please. Let’s face it you can’t play without them and it’s Wimbledon so they have to be Slazenger. Get a tube of four of the official championship balls for this bargain price of a fiver.

5 Jack Wills Cobham Classic white trainers £41.97

These timeless white plimsoles are a wardrobe must. They’re simple, versatile and of course very stylish. Just don’t wear them if you’re heading off the beaten track, as the results won’t be pretty.

6 Wilson Pro Staff Classic 6.1 25th Anniversary Tennis Racket £87.99

If the fact that legendary seven times Wimbledon champ Roger Federer plays with a Wilson Pro Staff isn’t enough to make you buy one we’re not sure what will.

This may not be Feds turbocharged model but the racquet your getting for the price is game set and match.

7 Ellesse Abramo sweatband £8

You’ve got the headband, don’t forget the sweatband. These Ellesse numbers are the perfect way to light up those wrists, and keep the sweat at bay, or at least mopped up.

8 Topman white, red and blue stripe tube socks £3

These Topman socks are the definition of old school cool. Will they give you the edge on your opponent at the net? Probably not, but whatever the result you’ll be the winner in the trend stakes.

9 M&S Linen Rich Shorts classic navy or white £19.50

M&S has long been a name that harks back to a more debonaire yesteryear and these linen shorts go some way to conjuring up that feeling.

For on-point Wimbledon style we’d probably plump for the white version but if you’re feeling rebellious the navy colour might just be a winner for you.

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