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A Child’s View of the World: Sand in the Sky

A Child’s View of the World: Sand in the Sky

Having travelled to Hawaii with his wife and 8-month old child, a father¬†decided to take the opportunity to interview his son one year later about his experiences and memories of their time spent on this mesmerising island. A fascinating insight into the way a child sees the world as his dad imagines a dreamlike vision of his son’s perception of the sights and sounds that surround us all and the beauty that can be found in the simplest of endeavours. At what point do we stop seeing the world and all of its beauty in such a simplistic manner? Beautifully shot and edited this short film reminds us all to live in the moment and how in fact it is adults that can learn far more about the here and now from the very children we help to sculpt and nurture.

Sand in the Sky on VIMEO by Gnarly Bay

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