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A Short Film about Surfing by Moonlight

A Short Film about Surfing by Moonlight

If you’ve read our article with the cameramen and divers behind the upcoming Shark Week extravaganza on Discovery, then this delightful short film on the virtues of moonlight surfing might not be quite so appealing.

‘Dancing in the Dark’ follows the hardy men and women who inhabit the eastern coastline of Australia, who in an effort to avoid the maddening crowds lining up in the swell during the daytime, have taken to monthly nighttime jaunts to satisfy their insatiable appetite to ride the waves.

Shot on a Canon ME20 with an ISO rating of 5 million, ideal for this night time shoot, the film takes the viewer on a meditative journey into the mysterious currents of the ocean as darkness falls.

Dancing in the Dark on VIMEO by Frost Films

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