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The New IT Trailer is Finally Here!

The New IT Trailer is Finally Here!

The first trailer for the remake of Steven King’s IT has just dropped and after watching (IT) The MALESTROM can confirm that the film looks set to become a creepy classic just like it’s predecessor. As if the 1986 King novel wasn’t nightmarish enough, in 1990 it was turned into a mini-series that still haunts the dreams of those of us that peered from behind the sofa watching it. The series saw Tim Curry star as killer clown Pennywise, who lived in the sewer and whiled away his days kidnapping and devouring children, nice guy.

Tim Curry as Pennywise from the 1990 series IT. The clown laughhs and points a finger as he holds some white balloons
Tim Curry as Pennywise from the 1990 IT mini-series

The trailer for this current update It: Part 1 – The Losers’ Club (a sequel is already in the works) suggests more than a hint of Stranger Things, in fact you’d be for forgiven for mistaking that this was a spin-off set in the same world occupied by those characters. Bill Skarsgård fills the large clown shoes handed to him playing the aforementioned clown, and as with the original there’s nothing funny about him. This teaser gives us a glimpse into the horrific small town happenings, as Pennywise reaps havoc on a group of kids.

Given the spate of clown sightings across the UK and other parts of the globe last year the scare factor of clowns is at an all time high. And after a watch of the trailer you’ll never have been so unsettled by a harmless balloon!

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