Revel in the Natural Beauty of Brazil

This award-winning short film, Light Therapy, Directed by Riley Blakeway expertly captures the sheer natural…

Ruben in hallway from short film Ruben's Elevator 
Ruben Runs an Elevator and he Likes it Very Much

At the ripe age of seventy five Ruben Pardo has the honour of being the…

Man with beard, pipe & flat cap
A Mesmerising Short Film: Momento Mori

Here the words of the late British philosopher Alan Watts are set against the stunningly trippy…

Signature skating through the city
Who Fancies Skating Through the City?

This black and white short film from Kristijan Stramic takes in the sites and the sounds of the city as we watch a skateboarder skilfully trick his way along the streets. Poetry in motion.

Hustling with Ping Pong Legend Marty Reisman

So hipsters nationwide have been choosing ping pong for their extracurricular activities, pretty cool huh? Here’s…

Superfly Jimmy Snuka
The Demise of Controversial Wrestler Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka

How the mighty fall. This former professional wrestler, Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka, was renowned for falling…

Now That’s a Novel Way to get Around Town

Most locals of Brighton town swear by the good old bicycle to navigate those mean East Sussex streets. Not this chap though, he prefers to use his ninja like parkour skills to get around. Incredible.

The world scrabble champion Wellington Jighere looks into the camera
Meet the World Scrabble Champion

Here at the The MALESTROM we are loving this guy. A true sporting legend in…

Basketball player Lenny Cook
A Sobering Look at American Sporting Dreams

This trailer for the film Lenny Cooke, takes a look at the life of a…