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One Man Created a New Sport: It’s called Seatrekking

One Man Created a New Sport: It’s called Seatrekking

Almost twelve years ago Bernhard Wache and a group of friends started developing a new sport. It began with a simple idea, spend as much time as possible near and in the ocean. What followed became known as Seatrekking.

“We travel along the coastline for several days. All we need fits in our waterproof and floatable backpacks. We set out to explore nature and what we carry with us is reduced to a minimum. We dive deep into the ocean and swim along wild cliffs, discovering untouched beaches where we spend our nights under the clear sky.” – Bernhard Wache, Founder of Seatrekking.

Here director Cedric Schanze follows the trekkers, capturing the beauty of the ocean, the rugged cliffs surrounding it and the rich landscape they explore. It isn’t just a sport. It’s a philosophy.

Seatrekking – Trekking the Ocean by Cedric Schanze on VIMEO

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