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The New Trailer for Stranger Things 2 is Here!

The New Trailer for Stranger Things 2 is Here!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year you’ll all know that Stranger Things is pretty much the best thing ever. So prepare to get excited at the first teaser trailer for the second season: Stranger Things 2.

It was unveiled during the Superbowl in one of their very costly ad slots and it’s filled with promise for another belter of a series. The trailer’s littered with images that give us little (and big!) clues into what we can expect, so lets put them under the microscope.

Eggo waffles – The first scene in the trailer shows the start of an old advert for Eggo Waffles. So far so 80s, but is this a sly reference the the final scene in season one when Chief Hopper left some waffles in the woods for Eleven?

The kids are dressing up as Ghostbusters – Nostalgia levels are still suitably high as we see shots of our stylish young heroes in full Ghostbuster attire complete with proton packs. This would set this series many months after the first one of November 83′ as the film was released in June 84′. We even see more BMX action in one clip, as in series 1 very reminiscent of E.T. We expect, or is that demand plenty more movie references this time round.

Picture of a man with his back to a sliding door in a yellow hazmat suit holding a flame thrower from Stranger Things 2

There’s a man with a flamethrower – A man in a yellow hazmat suit, looking not unlike a real life Ghostbuster holding a huge flame thrower is pictured. That’s not going to be good is it?

Sheriff Hopper’s back – Hopper is seen driving a large shovel into the ground. Digging up the truth? Or is he burying it?

There’s a massive new monster! – We’re assuming this is a great big monster sighted in the red sky, maybe a type of Demogorgon? Of course it could be an old bike wheel? But we’re airing on the side of huge freaky nasty being looking for trouble.


Where’s Winona? – There seems to be a lack of the brilliant Winona Ryder’s character Joyce in the trailer. We glimpse someone who looks a bit like her (dark hair at least) seemingly seated next to a wired up Will, in what looks to be the creepy “Department Of Energy.” So we can expect more experiments then. Has he not been through enough? And is Joyce in this series? She’d damn well better be, or we at The MALESTROM riot!

At least Eleven is definitely here – Our telekinetic, nosebleed prone heroine turns up, so she’s alive (yes!), but it looks like she’s in some kind of trouble from the look of terror on her face (no!), not to mention she’s ‘upside down’ in the clip. Where could she be? Just saying.

With all the anticipation and unanswered questions the real problem is going to be waiting till Halloween for the first episode to air! It might be a fitting season for it’s return, but that’s 266 days away! Not that we’re counting honest. Saying that if you’re think we’re excited take a look below at the cast freaking out when watching the trailer when it first aired, brilliant.

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