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A Short Film About the Perils of Climbing

A Short Film About the Perils of Climbing

“It’s easy to die. It’s really hard to live. To actually dare do all the things you dream of doing”. Poignant opening words from the subject of this inspirational short. The Art of Living focusses on Norwegian professional climber Rannveig Aamodt, someone who has always pushed herself to live life to the fullest. During a climbing trip to Turkey, on a routine day, she made a small mistake that almost cost her life. A quick lapse of judgment resulted in a fifty-foot fall. Straight down.

Emergency crews evacuated Rannveig by helicopter with fractures to her back, pelvis, both ankles, and countless other injuries; both physically and emotionally. According to the doctors, she would never properly walk again, and her future surely wasn’t going to involve climbing.

Armed with hope, determination, and a beautiful perspective on life, Rannveig changed the story that others were setting out for her and fought back to health and a continued career at the cliff face. An impressive lesson in determination and the immense power of our thoughts.

The Art Of Living by Steve Rokks | ROKKS Media House on VIMEO

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