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Ultra Running: The Most Punishing Sport on the Planet

Ultra Running: The Most Punishing Sport on the Planet

So you’ve been thinking about getting in shape ready for summer holidays, lazing on a sun-kissed beach in the Mediterranean, but you’re struggling to find enough motivation.

Well, next time you press snooze, just imagine being team GB Ultra Runner Robbie Britton, who can traverse anywhere up to 100 miles a week in his pursuit of greatness.

Yes if you thought a marathon was a long way then think again, some of the incredible challenges Robbie has undertaken include running 580 km across Bulgaria, completing a 330 km run through Iceland and running none stop for 24 hours.

The dedication to diet, lifestyle, and training is such that a lack of discipline could quite easily cost you your life, in what is one of the most punishing sports known to man. It just goes to show, if you want to be the best, you have to sacrifice a lot.

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