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3 Reasons Why EVs Are Becoming Increasingly More Important

3 Reasons Why EVs Are Becoming Increasingly More Important

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Every time you look out at the streets in front of you there are more and more electric cars on the road. A few years ago, you might have wondered if this was just another trend, but as an increasing number of drivers are buying EVs, you might now be wondering if an electric car is right for you?

At the current time, you can still ask that question but within a few more years, that may be a moot point. In actuality, EVs really are becoming more important. Here are just three of the reasons why.

1. Government Ban Begins in 2030

If you have been following the news, you will already know that the government approved moving the date forward to 2030 after which no new petrol or diesel cars will be sold in the UK. This is all part of the UK’s Net Zero goal for 2050, and that is modelled after the EU plan to reduce its carbon footprint. Global warming and climate change have been chief concerns in every nation on earth and, one of the ways to reduce carbon emissions is to find alternative ways of powering our vehicles.

2. Current Fuel Shortage

For many years now there has been a major amount of concern over the finite amount of fossil fuels available to be used for powering our vehicles and/or producing electricity. Now there are alternative solutions for the production of electricity such as wind, water, and solar. The electricity produced by alternative power sources will then power our EVs.

3. Cost Efficient Operation

The cost efficiency of electric vehicles is an interesting subject in that most EVs are smaller, though not really lighter in weight, than petrol fuelled cars. Even though there is no heavy combustion engine in the vehicle, the batteries are much heavier and that is where much of the car’s weight comes from. There is a growing attempt to reduce the weight of EVs so that they will be even more fuel efficient than they currently are.

It’s also anticipated that at a time when fossil fuels will be totally avoided in the production of electricity, the cost of that will come down as well. When you have renewable energy, the major cost involved comes at the very beginning when power plants are being built. After that, the main expenditure is labour.

Finally, there is one more benefit that is often obscured by all of the above. With fewer moving parts, maintenance is negligible in comparison to vehicles with engines, and that is a huge saving as well. So then, are you still wondering if an EV is right for you even as important as they are? Even if there was no legislation, all the benefits add up to a solid yes. An EV is perfect for any driver looking for a more fuel-efficient, cost-effective vehicle.

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