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How To Rock The Smart Casual Look Without Going Too Far Either Way: Tips For Modern Men

How To Rock The Smart Casual Look Without Going Too Far Either Way: Tips For Modern Men

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll probably have heard of the expression smart casual to describe your outfit choice.
It’s usually used on invitations to events such as weddings or work events to ensure that attendees always know how they’re expected to dress.

As there is no conclusive definition for smart casual dress codes, there are many ways to interpret this instruction, which means that if you’re not careful, then you could find yourself going too far either towards smart or casual.

To help, we’ve put together this practical guide for men looking to rock the smart casual look at any event and get the balance just right.

Choose High-Quality Basics

The main staples of any outfit are your trousers, shoes and jacket or shirt. So, you need to make sure that these basics are high-quality and designed to be both comfortable and stylish. If you’re looking for a classic like men’s wide leg trousers, then check out online stores like about:blank. They offer a range of wide leg trousers for men in classic colours like black and beige, as well as bold statement options like forest green. So, whatever your style, you can find a pair of smart yet comfortable trousers that will perfectly accentuate any outfit.

Avoid Huge Logos

Bold statement logos or slogans might seem like a trendy choice, but brands and sayings quickly go in and out of fashion. Also, statement logos on your clothes can make them look tacky, and the pigment on the stencil often fades after a few washes, leaving your clothes looking older and more worn than they are. As such, it’s best to avoid clothes with large logos printed on them when choosing garments for your next smart casual outfit.

Always Wear Cleaned And Ironed Clothes

If in doubt, choose simple wardrobe staples and make them stand out by pressing them correctly and ensuring that they are completely clean and presentable. While you might not stand out from the crowd, you will at least look acceptable and like you made an effort. Learn how to iron your clothes correctly to ensure that you get the perfect finish for every garment and ensure that it looks pristine for any occasion.

Get Your Jacket Tailored

A fitted jacket is an investment worth making for many modern men. If you choose a classic colour and a high-quality fabric, then your tailored jacket can last for many years and be the perfect accompaniment to almost any outfit. You can use it for smart casual looks or for more formal occasions. By having it tailored to fit your body, you can set your jacket apart and instantly make even the simplest of outfits significantly smarter and more attractive.

Smart casual is a very subjective phrase when applied to a dress code, but there are simple ways to ensure that you always look the part. These tips should help you put together the perfect smart casual outfit for each and every time you need one.

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