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A Road Trip Through Italy, Where To Go?

A Road Trip Through Italy, Where To Go?

amalfi coast in Italy

If you want to see as much of a country as possible in a short time span, it’s hard to beat the road trip experience. When you’re visiting a country that’s as rich and varied in tourist appeal as Italy is, then the case for the road trip becomes pretty irresistible!
But exactly where in Italy should you be visiting? There are hundreds of special little towns, estates, geological features and historic monuments that your Italy tours might take you through. Let’s see if we can identify a few key priorities.


Florence and Orvieto sit on either side of a beautiful stretch of Tuscan countryside, packed with little churches, cafes and art galleries. Naturally, for wine drinkers, it’s the vineyards that will be the most appealing, here.

It’s best visited in Spring and Autumn, when the temperatures won’t be quite as scorching, and the crowds will be a little bit sparser. Make time for stops in San Gimignano, Todi and Cortano. Even if you don’t have a taste for wine, it’s a part of Italy that will help you to create lasting memories.

The Amalfi Coast

The classic Italian drive is pretty synonymous with the Amalfi coast. You’ll take your vehicle through a series of hectic, sweeping cliffside roads, in full view of the glittering waters of the Tyrrhenian. While you’re in the area, you can also squeeze in trips to Naples, with its amazing cuisine, and to Pompeii, which was famously buried by the eruption of nearby Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. Explore the ruins and marvel at the destructive power of nature.

The coast itself has something to offer to holidaymakers of every sort. You can spend your days hiking through the cliffs, before settling down for a drink and a classic Italian meal every evening. There’s no destination in Italy, or elsewhere, that’s quite like this one.

The Lakes of the North

One of the best things about visiting the lakes in Italy is that you can make a long trip between two of the country’s most appealing cities. In Milan you can spend a little time indulging in some retail therapy, before paying a visit to the largest gothic cathedral on the continent, Duomo Cathedral. In Rome, there’s the famous Colosseum, the Vatican, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps.

Between these endpoints, there’s the magnificent Lake Como, and the surrounding mountains. If you’re visiting this part of the country, then you should expect to spend a little bit more – but if you’re just passing through, then you can soak in the scenery without spending over the odds. While you’re in the area, naturally, there are dozens of smaller lakes which are also worth checking out!

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