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4 Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Tent When Camping

4 Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Tent When Camping

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The perfect camping tent will help make the outdoor excursion worthwhile. But, it can be challenging to look for the right tent, especially if it’s your first time choosing a suitable outdoor shelter. Many experienced campers can conjure memories of their encounters with lousy tents. So, it’s in your best interest to avoid camping tragedies involving subpar tents based on these experiences.

Thus, here are four tips to help you choose the best camping tent for your outdoor adventures.

1. Know the Terms

Enter a camping gear store, and the salesperson might ask you the following question: what type of tent do you want?

If you’re a camping beginner, perhaps you’re going to answer with vague replies. Requesting for a tent that allows you to sleep outdoors might not be the best answer to the salesperson.

So, the first step to finding the perfect camping tent is to know the terms. A few of the terminologies you can encounter when you’re shopping for tents include:

  • Vestibule – The tent’s covered entrance.
  • Rainfly – The outer layer of the tent.
  • Footprint – Also called ground tarps or the tent’s floor.
  • Pegs – Materials used to secure the tent in a secure location.
  • Poles – Components to hold the tent’s shape in place.

2. Know the Number of People Who’ll Use the Tent

When you see a four person tent, don’t assume that it can only accommodate four people. A four-person tent can fit two adults and one child comfortably. Otherwise, a same-sized outdoor shelter can also fit two people, and the couple can have spacious surroundings in the tent for their gear.

If the tent’s specifications sheet says that four people can fit in it, then imagine these individuals as packed sardines in a can. It’s still possible to fit these four individuals comfortably. But, there might not be enough space for baggage and other camping gear.

Always allow enough breathing room for your camping tent. So, if three people are going to share the same tent, think of buying a model that can fit four people. Consequently, buy a tent suitable for three or four people, even if only two individuals will be using the shelter.

The best camping tent should offer a comfortable experience for all individuals sharing the space. You can even find large portable shelters that can fit a full-sized family.

3. Consider the Shape

Aside from the size of the tent, also consider its shape. Different tent shapes provide unique benefits to their users. The tent shapes you can find on the market include:

  • The Dome

Dome-shaped tents are ideal to ensure individuals have enough headroom to work with while inside the shelter. This model will have flexible poles to help give form and structure to secure the headroom.

But, many dome tents can only fit about two people comfortably. It’s possible to fit four individuals in these outdoor shelters, but these folks might find it to be too cramped for comfort.

  • The “A” Shape

If you’re camping on a budget, then consider buying an A-shaped tent. Many camping enthusiasts consider this model as the mainstream tent. The pyramid-like stature presents users with a decent level of comfort and protection.

However, there might not be enough room to move around in the tent because of its shape. Also, the sloping sidewalls may not provide excellent protection against harsh elements like strong winds and heavy rainfall.

  • The Umbrella

A large camping group calls for a large tent. With that in mind, consider buying an umbrella-shaped camping shelter.

Many umbrella tents come with large walls. Specific models can also come equipped with windows for that added privacy.

Umbrella-shaped tents may also be the perfect glamping tent thanks to its size and shape. Glamping is a play of two words: glamour and camping. The spacious interiors of umbrella tents let glampers add the amenities they desire (e.g., comfy beds with frames) while enjoying the great outdoors.

4. Research the Camping Location

The camping location also plays a critical role in letting you choose the perfect tent for the outdoor excursion. It will help you if you research the camping grounds and the weather condition of the area. For example, if the camping grounds are in a location with a wet climate, then buy a tent that can handle rain well.


Remember the terms when you’re searching for the perfect camping tent. Also, consider the size and shape of the outdoor shelter while you’re shopping around the market. Last, take note of the camping location to help you find the right portable outdoor shelter that can withstand nature’s challenges.

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