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What Luther Can Teach Us About Menswear For Tall Guys

What Luther Can Teach Us About Menswear For Tall Guys

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When it comes to men’s fashion, we’re driven by many different factors. One major influence is TV and movies. The shows we watch influence the way we want to dress, particularly when the main character dresses impeccably and has traits we’re keen to embody ourselves.

One show that’s been on everyone’s lips since it first graced our screens in 2010, and it’s remained incredibly popular to this very day is Luther, a show about a violent policeman who often straddles the fine line between good and evil in a bid to keep the streets of London safe from psychopathic criminals.

While the series ended in 2019, it was reinvented this year with a film version called Luther: The Fallen Sun. The series and the subsequent movie were huge hits with slick plotting, brash dialogue and brilliant acting, all of which have given them cult classic status.

Most viewers will see the grisly violence as the core focus of the show, but the clothes that Luther wears are also a key talking point for viewers.

The show’s namesake character, DCI John Luther, is played by actor Idris Elba, who is 6 foot 2 inches or 1.9 metres tall. Despite his height and the challenging lifestyle he leads, Luther is always dressed amazingly in his particular gritty way in the show.

Here’s everything that Luther can teach us about menswear for tall men and how men of a similar height can emulate the bold and stark outfits of this rugged anti-hero.

Long Coats Give an Elegant Silhouette

While Idris Elba is the headline actor in the series, his knee-length tweed coat is the real star of the show. The coat creates a bold look that’s suitable for any occasion and gives an elegant silhouette, which is difficult to achieve for those who are over 6 feet tall. Long coats are also perfect for the London streets that Luther patrols, as the weather is often cold, foggy and wet, so if you live in the UK or in a colder climate, a long tweed coat can be the perfect option.

Waistcoats Can Easily Upgrade Any Look

Even when he’s covered in blood and nursing a headache from a major torture scene, Luther can quickly recover and look as sharp as ever with the addition of a waistcoat, usually in a pale grey tweed. Waistcoats are a perfect way for tall men to upgrade their outfits and turn any suit from smart casual into formal wear. Luther can also change his look to more informal quickly by simply adding a beanie hat, showcasing the versatility of his basic ensemble.

Tall Men Have Plenty of Choices

Many tall men feel that they’re boxed out of the fashion world and don’t have access to stylish outfits, but Luther proves that it’s not necessarily true. If you’re looking for slim-fit shirts for men and other suit aspects to help you emulate the Luther look, then explore the range from dedicated providers like Tall Togs. With an extensive range of stylish menswear for taller gentlemen, their range is perfect for anyone who wants to emulate the time-worn but classically smart look that helped make Luther one of the most recognisable modern TV detectives.

Ultimately, whether you’re a fan of Luther and want to get the look, or you’re a tall man who’s looking for ways to improve your wardrobe, this gritty show can be a great example, as we highlight in this latest blog post.

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