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Christmas Gift Guide: Ideas for the Outdoorsman

Christmas Gift Guide: Ideas for the Outdoorsman

Christmas Gift Guide: The MALESTROM

Christmas is upon us once more, a time for catching up with old friends, hanging out with family, eating copious amounts of food, and drinking enough boozed to give Oliver Reed the wobbles. It’s also a time of year when the vast majority of us are left scratching our heads as we desperately searching for the right gift, with many men scouring the high street on Christmas Eve buying random nick-nacks and any old naff seasonal produce left on the store shelves.

January moreover will see hundreds of millions of pounds worth of presents returned to the shops, and as much as thirty per cent of adults unimpressed with what was left under the tree. Well, fear not friends, we’re here to help, over the next week we’ll be bringing you our carefully curated selection of gift ideas that will bring a smile friends and family, which is what it’s all about really. First up some Christmas gift ideas for the outdoorsman in your life.

Snowpeak Hooded Jacket: Christmas Gift Guide

WG Stretch Knit Jacket by Snow Peak £259

We absolutely love Japanese outdoor brand Snow Peak, who thankfully have just opened their European flagship store in London. Featuring a range of goods perfect for campers and those that spend their days in the great outdoors. This luxurious stretch knit hooded jacket is ridiculously comfortable and works well in any weather. It’s just one of many items from the brand that’s made our Christmas wishlist.

Agan Jacket by Sprayway £125

We’re huge fans of the always stylish Sprayway here at The MALESTROM and if you’re looking for warming winter wear for yourself or a loved one then look no further. The Agan Jacket is wind resistant and stuffed with InsoFILL™ that creates heat retention even in damp and wet conditions, which aren’t a problem thanks to a water-resistant coating. Designed for winter in the UK basically.

Merino Leggings by Keela £44.95

Whether you’re heading off on an expedition into the unknown or just need an extra layer of warmth as the temperatures plummet, these luxurious merino leggings from Keela are odour resistant and temperature regulating and as far as we’re concerned just the ticket. 

Christmas Gift Guide: The MALESTROM

Pure Castile Liquid Soap by Dr Bronners £8.19

Iconic soapmakers Dr Bronners have been blazing a trail since the 1940s making skincare products so clean and human-friendly you could eat them. Organic and fair trade, this soap is perfect for a weekend in the outdoors or in to be fair. It’ll clean anything, your face, teeth, hair, dog, dishes, windows… actually, maybe just stick to the visage for now. 

Facial Oil by Lyonsleaf £17.99

A lightweight vitamin and antioxidant-rich oil that amongst all the nourishing goodness it contains also has marshmallow extract, the ingredient becoming a not so secret weapon in the quest for youthful, plump skin. In fact, this stuff’s so good you can use it pretty much anywhere that’s damaged and tired. Well, maybe not your motor. A super stocking filler.

Elevation Wine Tumbler by Otterbox £16.99

The OtterBox stainless steel Elevation Wine Tumbler is a genius little piece of kit that will be there for you no matter your quenching demands. Perfect for the morning coffee, all the way through to the evening slurp of wine, all of which stay at the perfect temperature thanks to the internal copper lining. An original and unique Christmas gift.

Christmas Gift Guide - The MALESTROM

The Fear Bubble by Ant Middleton £12

This bestseller from SAS: Who Dares Wins lead protagonist Ant Middleton, promises to show you how to harness your fears while pushing the boundaries of life and conquering those daily obstacles like parenthood or climbing Mount Everest. Inspiring and powerful stuff. 

Christmas Gift Guide - Ant Middleton

Photography by Simon J Evans 

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