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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Considered Bloke

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Considered Bloke

Men's Christmas Gift Guide Selection

The thing about buying presents is you spend half your time trying to pick out the perfect gift for that particular person based on something you think you heard them mention at some point, but in reality, you haven’t really got a clue. The best plan of action is to pick out a selection of failsafe stuff and then work out who to give it to afterwards.

Some things you can’t go wrong with like a good book, a nice watch, some grooming products, even a cassette player! Yes, as we continue to roll out our carefully selected gift ideas, we’re convinced you’ll find that perfect present for that special someone, especially if just buy the lot! Enjoy.

Hell is Round the Corner by Tricky £15.99

One man who took a less than straightforward route to success is one of this country’s most original artists. Born and raised on the Knowle West neighbourhood of Bristol, Tricky experienced a traumatic childhood, the suicide of his mother Maxine Quaye, violence lurking around every corner, an absent father, time in prison, gang affiliations, before being thrust into the spotlight demons and all. A truly absorbing social commentary come memoir, with some mind-boggling anecdotes.

Dark Milk Pretzel by Tony’s Chocolonely £3.98

Dutch chocolatiers Tony’s Chocolonely have garnered something of a following and it’s no wonder with their incredible tasting range and nostalgic packaging. The big news, however, is purchasing a bar of Tony’s is offering your support in the battle against modern slavery and illegal child labour. So if you want to feel good about your overindulgence this festive season, you know where to start.

Socks by Critically Endangered Socks £12.00

Critically Endangered Socks might just be the most important gift you could give someone this year. Not just because they’re beautiful, ridiculously comfortable and crafted from the fast-growing, but biodegradable bamboo. But moreover, each pair sold contributes to funding the Friends of the National Parks Foundation, who work towards purchasing and rescuing large areas of rainforest, hence ensuring critically endangered animals have a home. Now that’s what we call a business model.

The Art of Sneakers  by Powerhouse Books £27

The perfect present for the trainer obsessed family member, The Art of Sneakers by Ivan Dudynsky is a unique collection of works from 20 very different creative minds, shining a light on the next-level creativity springing from the Jordan Generation ann celebrating trainer art and artists. The ideal coffee table companion.

Ronnie Scotts 1959-69 by Freddy Warren, Graham Marsh & Simon Whittle £29.95

This year saw the 60th-anniversary celebrations for the legendary and world-renowned Jazz venue Ronnie Scott’s. This wonderful book comprises of a previously unseen treasure trove of images captured during the 60s by photographer Freddy Warren. Warren was tragically killed in a house fire in 2010, and amongst the ruins, his nephew was able to salvage this incredible archive of images featuring a who’s who of Jazz from Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis to Thelonious Monk and Duke Ellington.

Acid for the Children by Flea £15.99

Iconic Chilli Peppers co-founder Flea aka Michael Peter Balzary talks a life well lived in this fantastic book, recounting the path that led to superstardom. Born in Australia and shipped to New York, his life was turned upside down when his parents split, he moved in with his Mum’s new jazz musician boyfriend and a life of instability began. From his first encounter with Anthony Kiedis to his musical inspirations and vulnerable childhood, this is an epic and fascinating memoir.

Retro Personal Cassette Player & Recorder by Groove £19.99

You’ll be glad you kept hold of those old recordings of Sunday Night’s Top 40 when you wake up on Christmas Day to this retro cassette player. Nostalgia doesn’t come much better than this, with features including AM/FM radio, a built-in speaker and microphone and a detachable belt clip. Just don’t forget the AA batteries or there’ll be some glum faces on Christmas morning.

Classic Blend Beard Oil by Bluebeards Revenge £9.99

Bluebeards Revenge revel in making a splash and doing things a little differently. Thankfully the products more than match the brash exterior. Like this beard oil that’s ideal for the hirsute gift receiver. A combination of specially blended oils and a truly masculine aroma, this is beard protection at its best.

Face Scrub by Bluebeards Revenge £9.99

A no-nonsense face scrub that sloughs away the dirt and grime that accompanies a long day at the coal face. Combining crushed olive stones, ginger root extract and complimentary moisturising effect, it both exfoliates and rehydrates tired skin. Great value and a great gift.

Original Not Plain Chocolate Bar by Kaakao £3.29

Kaakao is spearheading a movement, one that involves making luxurious, sweet-tasting chocolate without the excess sugar. That’s because they sweeten their bars with dates, mixed in with cocoa butter, cocoa beans and coconut milk, making it dairy and gluten-free to boot.

Candy Cane Toothpaste Jelly by Lush £5

Pioneers of out of the ordinary grooming products Lush have created a brand new toothpaste jelly as part of their 2019 Christmas range. This gentle cleansing jellySweeten up the season with this toothpaste jelly packed full of cleansing menthol crystals, smells as good as it tastes and leaves your mouth feeling fresh as Christmas snow.

The Slip by Go Travel £7.99

This neat little wallet is the perfect stocking filler. The really clever bit with The Slip is the RFID shield protection it offers, so you know that that dent in your overdraft was due to too many festive nights out rather than due to digital pickpockets. And it’s neat micro-size means your pockets don’t look like hampsters cheeks, so win-win.

Men’s Gold Amare Watch by Ellington Timepiece £145.00

Looking to treat a brother, father or husband to something a little bit special this year? Then why not dial things up a notch with an Ellington Timepiece. The Amare range is particularly precious given there was only 100 made in each colourway. We particularly like the gold with luminous hands, because well, we’ve always wanted luminous hands. Check em out you won’t be disappointed.

Credit Cardholder by Snakehive £24.00

Every man should own a quality wallet, and this tan leather credit card holder from bespoke crafters Snakehive is just the ticket. Small enough to fit in the front pocket and made from the finest Vachetta leather, it’ll wear well. Just remember if you give someone a wallet for Christmas, stick some money in it! They also do a range of epic phone cases.

Grooming Trio Wash Bag by Ted Baker £29

For the man on-the-go, there’s this handy little travel kit from Ted Baker. It includes a travel-sized face wash, shave gel Shave and a full-sized moisturiser, all presented in a natty black wash bag. Perfect for when working away, heading out on a mini-break or hiding Quality Street.

MY MOIST Moisturiser by Ted Baker £18

Why not give the fella in your life the gift of soft hydrated skin this Xmas with this lovely lightweight moisturiser. The clever thing here is in the sour cherry fruit oil and Moringa extract used that gives skin cells a double defence against ageing and pollution. Amen to that.

Ted’s Travel Tonics by Ted Baker £28

If you’re looking to get someone a gift that combines style and substance then you might want to think about one of these very portable Ted Baker Travel Tonics. On the style front, they look the business with any of the metallic Silver, Gold or Copper finishes. They’re also refillable and best of all, they smell great.

March of the Lemmings by Stewart Lee £14.99

Stuart Lee has long been one of the sharpest comedians to hail from these shores. And he’s particularly scathing when it comes to the subject of Brexit. This new book draws on three years of his regular Observer newspaper columns, to present a wealth of mockery over the whole disastrous process and the crooked state of today’s politics. Even if you think you can’t face another word on the subject, this book might just be the Brexit antidote you never knew you needed.

Photography by Simon J Evans 

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