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Christmas Gift Inspiration

Christmas Gift Inspiration

Christmas gift inspiration 2023 image the malestrom

With the winter chill filling the air you can almost expect to hear sleigh bells ringing summoning in Christmas. And if you’ve failed to get a list to Santa so all your pressie wishes can be delivered down the chimney on Xmas Eve, you can always count on us to come through with some ideas that’ll take the pressure off Old St Nick by having a courier drop off goodies instead.

We’ve already helped with some thoughts for stocking fillers and here in the second of our three guides of Christmas we look at main event presents, although ones that won’t break the bank, with all gifts under £200. Without further ado, here’s our Christmas Gift Inspiration.

Chrome Industries Kadet MaxChrome Industries Kadet Max – £142

This rather lovely bag from Chrome Industries will improve the daily commute for anyone lucky enough to be gifted one this Xmas. The Kadet Max cross-body hits the sweet spot in terms of size, allowing users to accommodate all work essentials like laptops and other devices. Being water resistant and including handy features like a removable stabiliser strap and padded sleeve for organising tech, this bag is a quality piece of kit.


cellmen wash n shaveCellmen Wash n’ Shave – £114

For a gentleman’s grooming needs you’ll be hard pressed to find many products more up to the task than something from Cellmen’s high-performance skincare line. Their Wash n‘ Shave, rich in cellular and botanical and marine-origin ingredients, cleanses and reduces the appearance of reddened skin, so users can look their very best at Christmas soirees.

winewizardWinewizard – £49.95

You don’t have to be a sommelier to know a nice drop of red wine gets much nicer when you let it breathe. But who has two hours to kill before drinking a glass? This is where Winewizard comes in. Using nifty technology this clever gadget replicates the aging and decanting process of wine in just two seconds. So drinkers get a better-tasting, better-balanced drop, and extra time to drink more of it!


The Farm Table Book cover

The Farm Table – £27

The perfect gift for the foodie of the household here, with first-generation farmer and chef Julius Roberts’ excellent book. This inspirational take on home cooking tells the story of how using seasonal fruit and veg is the best way to get the most out of your culinary dishes. With great recipes, made from simple ingredients and insight into life on his smallholding in Dorset, there’s a lot to like here.


Ava Mayfair Neroli, Eucalyptus & Musk Candle

Ava Mayfair Neroli, Eucalyptus & Musk Candle – £30

Light up a loved ones life this Christmas with the gift of this Ava Mayfair candle. Their signature collection is made from a blend of natural coconut oil based wax and exquisite essential oil based natural fragrances. We particularly like their invigorating Neroli and Eucalyptus candle, created to enhance wellbeing. And who couldn’t do with a bit of that this festive season?


Le Creuset Cast Iron Bread OvenLe Creuset Cast Iron Bread Oven – £183.20

Hands up who took a crack at making their own bread during lockdown. Now hands up who still does. A lot less we’d wager. Well the perfect home loaf has never been easier thanks to this bread oven from Le Creuset. Crafted from the brands legendary cast iron for superior heat distribution, this purpose-built bread oven is all anyone kneads to produce bakery-quality results from the comfort of their own kitchen.


cashmere scarf

Charles Tyrwhitt Cashmere Scarf – £71.96

The humble scarf is one of the most versatile items in any winter wardrobe. Although this particular scarf from menswear brand Charles Tyrwhitt is far from humble, but rather tinged with luxury. Having been spun and woven from 100% pure cashmere in Scotland, this lightweight yet warm number is a soft hug of a gift.

Luff Sleep 100_ Organic Bamboo Silk Bedding_greyLuff Sleep 100% Organic Bamboo Silk Bedding – £119.99

Speaking of luxury, this 100% organic bamboo silk bedding from Luff Sleep is just that. The sustainable, vegan-friendly fabric is more breathable, cooling and softer than cotton, with its 700 thread count creating a silky smooth finish. And as a Brucie Bonus the bamboo bedding is also naturally anti-bacterial with a texture that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles caused by friction on normal pillowcases. What can’t it do?


edible mushrooms of scotland foraging poster

Mushrooms of Scotland Foraging Poster – £30

The fun-gi or gal in your life will love this beautiful poster from Edinburgh based community mushroom farm Rhyze Mushrooms. This A2 print of a linocut created by artist Naomi Scott, illustrates 15 edible species of mushrooms found in Scotland and other parts of the UK and Europe. It also includes words about the shrooms with some insight into how to forage for them.


pitod Phoenix T-shirtPitod Phoenix T-Shirt – £35

Rise from the ashes into a more stylish form with this delightful embroidered phoenix t-shirt from Pitod. This trailblazing non-binary fashion label makes quality, ethical apparel. And this t is a great example. Crafted from 100% organic ring-spun cotton, this shirt is as as comfortable as it is seriously sustainable. So very! Saving the planet rarely looked so good.


The Art of Hutting front cover

The Art of Hutting – £22

As lovers of the great outdoors here at The MALESTROM, we can think of nothing better than retiring to a hut in the woods, left to soak in all the joys that nature has to offer. The Art of Hutting gives a glimpse into this lifestyle, with author Peter MacQueen sharing his expanse of knowledge on a more sustainable way of living. Filled with tips, stories and recipes, this book will make even the most passionate city dweller yearn for a slower pace of life.

finamill pepper grinderFinaMill Rechargeable – Pepper Mill & Spice Grinder – 69.95

For the chef of the house who’s sick of the grind of cooking, this delightful little gadget will put some spice back into meal prep. This rechargeable FinaMill pepper mill and spice grinder makes seasoning a joy. Fill an adjustable grinding pod with your favourite spice and attach it to the FinaMill, and with the touch of a button a shower of ground goodness covers your food. Bon appetit!

&sons leather lanyard&SONS Leather Lanyard – £40

Did you know the word lanyard originates from the French word lanière which translates to strap? And that they were first used in the 15th century by soldiers to carry their weapons. Now you do! So whoever you gift this lovely 100% leather version from &SONS can also get a little history lesson alongside their pressie. With it’s heavy buckle and rugged look this functional accessory is a real winner in the style stakes.

izipizi blue light glassesIzipizi Blue Light glasses – £40

Parisian glasses brand Izipizi are known for delivering frames that aren’t just funky and affordable, but also super functional. Their Screen collection help protect eyes that spend most of the day looking at screens on computers and phones. They work by filtering out 40% of the harmful blue light emitted by devices that takes a toll on the eyes. Spectacular!

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