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7 Podcasts You Need in Your Life

7 Podcasts You Need in Your Life

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Stuck for something to listen to on the way to work or when working out? Well, have no fear The MALESTROM is on hand to help curate an eclectic selection of seven podcasts you need in your life. Happy listening.

Football Weekly

Each week genial host James Richardson brings his unique insight into the beautiful game with a roundup of the major football talking points and some great puns to boot.

With a perfect balance of entertainment to soccer chat, James and other journos take the Premier League to task as well as casting an eye to Europe and further afield. Essential listening for any football fan.

Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo’s film reviews

There’s an element of good cop bad cop to this great movie review show. When Kermode is in a particularly grumpy mood a below par film can suffer a severe verbal beating from the perma-quiffed host.

Whereas the host Mayo tends to take a slightly gentler approach to proceedings, often butting heads with Kermode along the way. Generally a great listen.

The Steve Austin Show

Former world-famous wrestler, movie star and now podcaster Stone Cold Steve Austin uses his airtime to shoot the breeze with old wrestling buddies and a whole host of fascinating characters from all walks of life.

He releases two shows a week with the Unleashed show often seeing him cutting loose, freeing him up to be able to use a little salt and pepper as he puts it, or f’ing and blinding as we may say. Not for those of a sensitive disposition.

You Must Remember This

Similar in format to the massively popular Serial this atmospheric podcast puts a spotlight on the secret histories of Hollywood.

Karina Longworth’s show digs through the vaults of time for long forgotten treasures and titbits of 20th Century Hollywood examining the lives of varied figures from Frank Sinatra to murderer Charles Manson. This podcast takes you on a fascinating journey that will keep you spellbound.

The Minimalists

This popular pair of podcasters Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Milburn walked away from their successful corporate jobs to get rid of most of their worldly possessions and live a freer life.

In their chats, they talk about how much better life is with less stuff cluttering things up. Sage advice for us all to take on.

Ben Greenfield Podcast

Fitness guru Ben Greenfield was once voted America’s top personal trainer. He’s been named as one of the top 100 most influential people in the world of health and fitness.

A quick listen to one of his podcasts and you’ll understand why. With a vast array of interesting guests, Ben leaves no stone unturned in his quest to provide the best health advice for men and women of any age.

London Real

Hosted by Brian Rose this talk show introduces its listeners to a plethora of interesting stars and characters from around the world.

One week Rose may be chatting to a pop star another a top athlete or a leading figure from the world of self-improvement like the aforementioned Ben Greenfield. Particular highlights include a lengthy and fascinating talk with Chris Eubank and a raucous chat with hard as nails business and success coach Dan Pena.

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