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Are These the Funniest Pet Photos Ever?

Are These the Funniest Pet Photos Ever?

Now we at The MALESTROM love our pets, they’re a constant course of comfort and of course comedy. If you haven’t got caught in the trap of watching funny cat videos on YouTube till 3am before then there may well be something wrong with you.

We’re pleased to see that The founders of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have launched a fantastic new competition for proud pet owners to show off their hilarious pet pics from posing pooches to prancing ponies.

The Comedy Pet Photography Awards is the brainchild of photographers Tom Sullam and Paul Johnson-Hicks MBE who have collected over 2500 entries from pet lovers all over the world. There are some absolute animal crackers on the shortlist …

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Barney A.K.A. ‘Supercat’ showing off his flying skills to fellow farm cat Molly.

Credit: Heather Ross (Supercat)
Credit: Nathan Schmidt (I didn’t mean it)

Talking about the inaugural comp Tom Sullam said:

“We want primarily a laugh out loud moment: a picture that grabs us instantaneously.”

“The idea of the competition is to make us appreciate our pets for their humour, and their ability to give us so much more than just company.”

“The pictures that make us laugh the most are the ones that make us appreciate pets the most.”

Credit: Nando Harmsen (Look at me)

The awards are split into five categories: overall competition winner, junior photographer (15 and under), the ancients (70 and over), pets who look like their owners and “Gone to the Dogs” – which is just for man’s best friend. This has to be a contender. Looks a bit young to drive to us.

Credit: Schlienger (There’s no step closer)

Separated at birth. Could this snap to win the pets who look like their owner’s category?

Credit: Jackson Chu (Different strokes for different strokes)

The expert judging panel is currently running the rule over the selected finalists to pick their winner and runners up – the team includes TV wildlife presenter Kate Humble, Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE and Tom Sullam, longtime publisher of photography magazines Adam Scorey, vet Emma Milne, photographer Simon Pollock and Michelle Riley, Director of Photography at The Humane Society of the United States.

Credit: Peggy VanSickle (Laughing burro)
Credit: Alice Van Kempen (Riding Along)
Credit: Liz Hammond (Smile you are on camera)
Credit: Axl Marsh (That’s the spot)

The overall winner of the Comedy pet Photography Awards 2017 will win £2,000, an Urban Approach 5 camera bag from the THINK TANK people, £100 WEX Photographic gift voucher and a trophy handmade by disabled men and women in Tanzania by the Wonder Workshop. Each category winner will also receive a camera bag and £100 gift voucher, plus certificate.

Credit: Annie McMillan (Cowboy banjo)
Credit: Anne Lise Gramstad Bryne (Life’s a beach)
Credit: Barb Wentzel Hainesport (Herding cats)

Winners will be announced in early September, once the judges make their final decision.

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