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The Best Booze for Christmas

The Best Booze for Christmas

Malestrom Christmas Booze guide 2021

With life currently closer resembling a dystopian sci-fi movie than a Christmas classic like It’s a Wonderful Life, there’s more reason than ever to try and eke out some festive cheer wherever we can. And what better way to get into that Christmas spirit than by sinking a couple of choice beverages with your nearest and dearest.

We’ve had the desperately hard job of personally testing quality wines, spirits, cocktails and beers, in order to pull together this handy little guide so you can get fully stocked up on the best beverages and have a drinks cabinet to make your neighbours green with envy this Noel. Here’s the best booze for Christmas.

Suncamino Rum  (50cl, 40% abv – RRP £28.95)

Suncamino Floral RumIf you’re missing jetting off to spend Christmas in the sun this year, the next best thing is buying yourself a bottle of this gorgeous Suncamino rum. It’s the world’s first floral rum, made extra special by being aged for up to 8 years in Barbados, and infused with Hibiscus, Honeybush and Orange Blossom. Sunshine in a glass.

Spirited Union Spice and Sea Salt Rum (70cl, 38% abv – RRP £29.95)

Spirited Union Spice RumAnother rather fine rum here in the shapely form of Spirited Union Spice & Sea Salt. This smooth drinking cask-aged Barbados rum is infused with five delicate spices including Guatemalan cardamom and Madagascan cloves. This one is so easy to drink it’s probably best kept away from Grandad and consumed solely by yourself.

GlenAllachie 15-year-old Whiskey (70cl, 46% abv – RRP £64)

Christmas is the perfect time for a wee dram, and this 15-year-old expression is about as close to a perfect scotch that you’ll get for under a hundred quid. Matured in PX and Oloroso casks, this whisky from master distillers GlenAllachie even tastes of Christmas. And at 46% it’s one to be respected when quaffing.

Bunnahabhain Crackers (5cl, 46.3% abv – RRP £8.50)

Bunnahabhain CrackersPerfect for the festive season, Bunnahabhain crackers contain the ultimate gift for adults inside. No, not a paper hat, although there is one of them, rather a 5cl bottle of their classic 12-year-old unpeated Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky. And don’t worry, there’s a joke included in there as well.

Pensador Mezcal (50cl, 47% abv – RRP £59.50)

Pensador MezcalThis premium mezcal from the father and son team at Pensador showcases how good a drink can be when produced from rare and wild agaves. Each batch is totally unique, and totally delicious to drink with it’s smooth and complex flavours. Perfect for celebrating the holidays Mexican style.

Lost Explorer Mezcal  (70cl, 42% abv – RRP £62.50)

Lost Explorer MezcalWe’re big fans of adventure here at The MALESTROM. So given the name and the high quality of this handcrafted, sustainable artisanal mezcal from Oaxaca, Mexico, it was a no brainer to tell you guys about it. All of their expressions are top notch, with this ‘Espadin’ featuring 8-year aged agave and a smokey finish being a particular treat.

Empirical Spirits Ayuuk (50cl, 43% abv – RRP £41.95)

Odds are you’ve never tasted a spirit quite like Ayuuk from Copenhagen’s Empirical Spirits. It’s built around the flavours of Pasilla Mixe, a smoke-dried chili pepper, and made from macerating the chilies in low wines, then distilling and blended with spent Pasilla Mixe kombucha. The result is a flavour sensation that you’ll want to try again and again.

Bullards Gin  (70cl, 40% abv – RRP £40)

For the gin lovers among you we can heartily recommend this luxury British creation from Bullards. Out of their four strong range we’ve plumped for their Coastal gin, inspired by the Norfolk coastline, packed with botanical oils featuring salty and citrus flavours. Bullard’s tick the sustainable box too, with eco-refill pouches available to top up your original bottle.

Caorunn Gin (70cl, 41.8% abv – RRP £29)

Caorunn GinHere’s one of our favourite tipples all the way from the Balmenach distillery in Speyside. Caorunn’s small batch Scottish gin features traditional botanicals, many hand-foraged locally, and created by being infused in Caorunn’s unique Copper Berry Chamber. A mouthwatering gin to kickstart Christmas with.

Champagne Bruno Paillard Premiere Cuvee (75cl, 12.5% abv – RRP £40)

Bruno Paillard Cuvee ChampagneCorks just have to be popped on Christmas Day, so why not make things extra special with this delightful drop from Maison Bruno Paillard. It’s expertly crafted from a blend of grapes taken from 30 different villages, that are aged for 3 years. The result is a sumptuous and intensely rich champagne that can can’t fail to improve any festivities.

Domaine Bousquet Reserve Malbec (75cl, 14.5% abv – RRP £16)

Domaine Bousquet Reserve Malbe

A rich fruity red wine here from Argentina’s leading organic winery. This malbec from the reserve range is aged in French oak barrels for 10 months to give it distinctive notes of blackcurrant and plum. A reliably good tipple that pairs perfectly with a traditional Christmas dinner.

Pepperbox Shiraz (75cl, 14% abv – RRP £10)

PepperBox ShirazThe Casella Family of Australia have been making very drinkable vino since the year man landed on the moon. This intense, flavour filled little number is packed with ripe juicy fruit and as it’s name might suggest offers a seriously peppery finish. Another great edition to food with the family.

Gekkeikan Kome To Mizu No Sake Junmai Sake (72cl – RRP £15.69)

Japan Centre SakeJapan Centre have one of the best collections of Japanese alcohol for sale this side of Tokyo. So, if like us you’re partial to a tipple of the rice made wonder that is sake, look no further. We’ve gone for this refreshing Gekkeikan sake, from the sake brewery of the Japanese Imperial Family, so it can’t be bad. In fact it’s not bad, it’s great.

Asahi Super Dry (620ml, 5.2% abv – RRP £2.20)Asahi Super DryAsahi Super Dry didn’t become Japan’s number one beer by accident. And with it’s distinctive dry taste it’s little wonder why it’s so popular on these shores. Brewed to the authentic Japanese recipe, using superior ingredients and brewing standards, this is the ideal cold one for the holiday season.

World of Zing Christmas Cocktail Baubles (50ml, 20-24% abv -RRP £18.50)

World of Zing Christmas cocktail baubles

What’s better than novelty baubles for the tree? Well boozy baubles from World of Zing of course. Presented in a neat gift box, each pack contains four bottles filled with the festive flavours like their Mince Pie Rumhattan and Winter Spiced Margarita. Hang them on the tree then excitedly drink them after you forgot they were there.

Little Mercies Cocktail Gift Box (100ml – RRP £29)

little mercies

Some more delicious cocktail concoctions here from the clever team at Little Mercies. They’ve gone for the pick and mix option with their delicious pre-batched bottles, so you can choose your five faves from their host of options. Will you go for the Pink Lotus Martini? The Rhubarb Negroni? The “Snickers” Old Fashioned? Well all of them obviously.

Bottle Shot Cold Brew Coffee (250ml – RRP £23.88 for 12)

Bottleshot cold brew coffee

And for the morning after the night before there’s these delicious cold brew coffees from Bottleshot. Or, of course you could just mix them with with some vodka to make an espresso martini? We won’t tell. It’s Christmas, go wild!

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