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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

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If you happen to be a Father, then you’ll more than likely now have a better understanding of the challenging, slightly chaotic roller coaster ride that is securing your child’s safe passage into adulthood.

If you’re not, then just a quick glance at your own Dad’s deeply embedded wrinkles, greying hair and burgeoning belly, should all be reliable indicators of the sacrifices he’s made down the years.

So, what better way to say thank you to the man who manages to force out a smile every Christmas at his new socks and underpant combo, than by treating him to something special. After all, nothing says thank you, like an expensive but thoughtful present. Here’s our Fathers Day Gift Guide.

Espressimo Coffee Machine from Salter – £59.99

Salter Espressimo coffee Maker

A new study has suggested it’s perfectly safe to drink 25 cups of coffee a day, and although we’re not recommending such extremes, we do highly advise you invest in a quality machine for the kitchen. And, if Dad fancies himself as a budding Barista, then treat him to the Espressimo from Salter, and he can spend his lazy days recreating those coffee shop favourites.

Computron Watch from Bulova – 249

Bulova Computron Watch in Gold

What a wonderful word Computron is. It sounds like something your Dad probably had is in his office when you were a kid. The Bulova Computron is unsurprisingly a throwback to yesteryear itself. A sublimely retro timepiece that combines a classic gold design with a red LED display. Forget Fathers day, you’ll want this one for yourself.

Chrome Pike Backpack – £160

Chrome Pike Modal Bag

Whether it’s for negotiating the dreaded commute or spending hazy weekend days in the great outdoors every man needs a quality backpack, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with this Modal Pike number from the clever lot at Chrome. Incredibly comfortable even when full, stylish in its inimitable super-utilitarian way, and boasting compartments for everything, from laptop to water bottle, this is one pack you’ll want by your side. Or should that be on your back?

Frames from Bose – £199.95

Bose Alto sunglasses

Sunglasses? Tick. Classic Shape and Style? Tick. Bluetooth Connectivity? Tick. Integrated Microphone? Tick. Open Ear Audio? Tick. Wtf? It’s like stepping into the future, but it’s present day?! Help your old man channel his inner Bond with this high tech, mind-boggling piece of kit from sonic experts Bose. Cool sunglasses that play music, amazing!

Crew Neck Knit from Musto – £75

Musto Crew Knit

This grey-marl sweater from Musto is simple and classic, ideal for the stylish, sartorially minded Pops. Athleisure-inspired, with a cotton-cashmere touch for superior comfort, this sweater is a very desirable item of clobber with a flattering fit no matter what Dad’s bod is saying.

JAM Record Turntable from – £60

H might be an old Dad but make him feel young with this quality JAM Record Turntable from Vinyl has never been more accessible, since, well, when it was readily accessible and this quality piece of kit, offers a superior sound, with a classic, sleek design. Time for the old man to give you an education on ‘proper music’!

360 Mag Indicators for Bicycles from WingLights – £64

This ingenious bit of cycling kit is the perfect accompaniment to Dad’s newfound fitness regime. It won’t make him look any better in those lycra shorts, but it will ensure he returns home safe and sound. They screw into your handlebars, and you simply tap them and boom you’re in business. Mum might want to have them artificially screwed into Dad’s head, you know, so she doesn’t lose him on those Saturday shopping excursions he so thoroughly enjoys.

Waterman Hemisphere Ballpoint Pen from Executive Pens – £49.99

Waterman Hemisphere Essential Black Chrome Trim Ballpoint Pen

Whether he’s writing you a cheque for being such a wonderful child or penning his memoirs as he enjoys the halcyon days of early retirement, this stunning Hemisphere ballpoint pen from Waterman, is about as much fun as you can have with ink (unless you’re an Octopus that is). And one important lesson you learn with age is every man needs a quality pen.

iPhone Plus Limitless 2.0 Case from Mous – £39.99

Mous iPhone case Limitless 2.0

Stop the press and say goodbye to high street phone shops charging you £50 a pop for a new iPhone screen and hail the Mous Limitless 2.0 phone case. Trust us Dad will feel a lot less clumsy in his later years with this indestructible cover. It really is the absolute best on the market and will survive any kind of encounter, unless you jump out a plane that is, in which case the phone’s likely the least of your concerns.

Airtime Truly Wireless Earbuds from IFROGZ – £49.99

Brand new to the market, these rechargeable, Bluetooth wireless earbuds are a fitness fanatics dream. They deliver 1.5 hours of playtime from a 10-minute charge. The Airtime buds are also great for middle-aged men that run at a leisurely pace, but sweat profusely. They’re waterproof you see, as well as comfortable, small and inconspicuous, so Dad can slip them in when Mum’s banging on about all those DIY tasks that haven’t been completed.

Memoize Imperia from Rowan Row Fragrance – £127

Your Dad might think the Lynx Africa he sprays all over himself smells good. But of course, as we all know, It only helps him repel his nearest and dearest. So this Father’s day, why not give him the ultimate pressie of this gorgeous scent from Rowan Row filled with notes of leather and spiced woods that will improve his aroma exponentially and make sitting near him bearable again.

Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream from Black Leopard – £18.99

Black Leopard Eye Cream

To give your Dad a boost in the youthful looks department why not get him this anti-wrinkle cream from Aussie skincare saviours Black Leopard. Developed using the most advanced anti-ageing technology this stuff is specifically designed for use on men’s skin, reducing puffiness and dark circles, increasing elasticity, and most importantly for pops, helping to hide those wrinkles.

Pantherella Blenheim – 3 Colour Birdseye Socks – £14.50

Blenheim - 3-Colour Birdseye socks from Pantherella

Ok, so Dad smiled and acted accordingly when he received those socks for the fifteenth Christmas on the trot, but nobody’s got the heart to tell him, having Santa Claus emblazoned across one’s foot is not a good look for at least 51 weeks of the year. Grab him a pair of these classy looking Merino wool socks from Pantherella, and the family can breathe a sigh of relief. They’re temperature regulating so work all year round, maybe not on the beach with sandals, however.

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