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Has a Sea Monster Just Washed up on a Beach in Cornwall?

Has a Sea Monster Just Washed up on a Beach in Cornwall?

8 foot serpent-like carcass washed up on Charleston Beach by man from St Austell

It’s Monday morning, you live on the coast so decide to go for a brisk walk to get some fresh sea air. So far so sedate, but then your stroll down the shore takes a sinister turn when you find the remains of what seems to be a washed-up sea monster!

Rather than a tall tale from a short horror story this was the reality that faced Chris Crane from St Austell, Cornwall this week. When walking down Charleston beach he discovered an 8-foot serpent-like carcass that so far can’t be identified. Suggestions of it being the bones of a sea-lion or pilot whale have been ruled out through it’s size and shape.

Many locals are now speculating that the remains may be those of mythical (up to now) sea serpent Morgawr. Morgawr, Cornish for ‘sea giant’, was first sighted in 1876 off the coast of Falmouth when a fisherman said he’d caught one. Sightings continued on and off for the next hundred years until the seventies saw a spate of them. In 1976 a lady called Mary F sent in a picture of her encounter with the fabled beast to local paper The Falmouth Packet.

Picture of the supposedly mythical seamonster Morgawr by Mary F. The creature is black with a long elephant trunk type neck
Morgawr by Mary F

Mary said at the time,

“it looked like an elephant waving its trunk, but the trunk was a long neck with a small head at the end, like a snake’s head. It had humps on its back which moved in a funny way… the animal frightened me. I would not like to see it any closer. I do not like the way it moved when swimming.”

Folklore also tells of the creature appearing after German sub U28 torpedoed a British merchant  ship during WW1.

Chris Crane twitter picture of sea monster washed up in Cornwall
Chris Crane

Chris mentioned on twitter that the beast was beginning to smell when he found it, some may see this whole tale as a bit fishy. Maybe a DNA test could put all us all out of our misery over the mystery of whether this could really be a mini Morgawr? Or maybe some mysteries are best left as such.

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