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Stop Living in the Shadows of Freedom

Stop Living in the Shadows of Freedom

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What most living in the flush of youth don’t realize is quite how much freedom and opportunity lies around every corner. In fact, this well of experiences missed stays topped up, practically overflowing throughout your whole life.

So often we make the mistake of believing that the choices we make are forced upon us, that each experience we have happens to us – when in fact, it happens profoundly through us.

Each day we have the opportunity to do something new, change our lives if we choose, yet very few of us ever take life up, on its many wondrous offerings.

Of course, when we are young and lacking in experience and maturity and also full of energy and testosterone – we so often take the path well trodden not only spreading our wild oats but blissfully unaware we opt to follow the crowd, fit in, do what everyone else does.

In many ways education and the school system owe much to this decision making, after all from such a young age we have had our instincts dulled, our imagination’s dampened. With rules and regulations, dos and dont’s – when to eat, when to talk, what to say, moreover when to go to the goddamn toilet!

We are prepared for society and its structures through a melding of our personalities. We are openly encouraged to make the same choices as each other, and from this, as we break into adulthood it becomes increasingly difficult – if it even crosses your mind – to be different, to follow your genuine heartfelt dreams, to pursue an amazing life.

Of course, it’s not all doom and gloom, in fact at no stage in your life, no matter how long you should inhabit this earth, is it too late to make a significant change, to follow your intuition.

Never has the chance to make life what you want it to be, been more readily available. The world is constantly changing, but we can choose how we want it to work for us. So today and for every day that follows, try something different, be someone different, follow your instincts and intuition at all times, press forth and see how amazing your life can be.

Take a different route to work in the morning; moreover, quit your soul-destroying job if it makes you unhappy! Go for a walk in nature, talk to a stranger, ask THAT person out on a date. Daydream, imagine, paint, exercise, cook, build a fire, go on a trip, learn an instrument, start a business, forgive yourself – but most importantly don’t be predictable, stop being who you’re expected to be, be who you want to be.

It’ll feel strange and scary at first – but in the long run, it’ll be worth it. Work to play, play at work, dream big, have belief, know you are right – become The MALESTROM !

They tried to bury us, they didn’t realize we were seeds.”

– Mexican proverb

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