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The Latest Podcast Offerings for 2019

The Latest Podcast Offerings for 2019

The Hurricane Tapes podcast

One thing is for sure, when it’s cold and dark outside we all need a bit of nourishment for the soul and these days that often comes in the form of a good new podcast.

Whether true crime is your thing, the great outdoors, or just something that will give you a giggle and make you forget about next months bills, there’s a bit of escapism for every taste. We’ve gone to work putting together a list of some of the latest podcasts for you to while away those hours.

The Hurricane Tapes

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter

Many of you may not be aware of the story of Rubin “The Hurricane” Carter, a former middleweight boxer who earned his moniker thanks to his aggressive fighting style and numerous knockout victories.

His life became part of the wider consciousness thanks to the 1999 film The Hurricane featuring Denzel Washington, and what’s more Bob Dylan penned a song in his name back in 1975.

His story echoes that of many an impoverished black man in the US from the wrong side of the tracks, some might say any side of the tracks.

He was arrested along with John Artis in 1966 charged with a triple murder at the Lafayette Bar and Grill in Paterson, New Jersey, in what was to become an ongoing back and forth battle for justice that included twice being convicted and released, and almost twenty years spent behind bars.

Featuring interviews from over 40 hours worth of never heard before tapes that were in the possession of a longtime friend of Carter, this pod aims to fill in the gaps on a story that’s never had a sufficient ending.

Athletico Mince

Athletico Mice podcast

It may have been around for a while now, but for those that haven’t yet tuned into Athletico Mince and are of an age whereby you find solace in Bob Mortimer’s random, rambling ruminations then this is certainly the podcast for you.

Along with comedy writer sidekick Andy Dawson, this humorous podcast was originally a football oriented show but has evolved somewhat into an out and out journey into the surreal and bizarre. Don’t expect in-depth analysis of the upcoming weekend games, but do expect to laugh out loud on a regular basis.

There are regular contributions from ‘Peter Beardsley’, interviews with ‘Roy Hodgson’ who as you’d expect only wants to talk about Warhammer rather than his team’s results, Bob’s one-off quiz, singing and well you couldn’t make it up really.

A perfect antidote to the madness of the world we actually live in, this surreal take on anything and everything is the perfect podcast.

Terra Incognita: The Adventure Podcast

Terra Incognita: The Adventure Podcast

As lovers of the great outdoors here at The MALESTROM we have to give props to anyone championing the joys of getting out into nature and finding some adventure.

Filmmaker Matt Pycroft’s new podcast Terra Incognita is inspired by his trips around the world and seeing a gap in the format that looks at the why of adventure.

The show is a mixture of features, which is Matt having a good old natter and dispatches which are shorter pieces of content recorded with main contributors that are more for listening to over your cup of coffee rather than morning commute. There’s plenty to inspire from those that have done extraordinary things in the outdoors.

The latest episode sees Matt speak with the fascinating character that is former commando sniper Aldo Kane who now deals with extreme and hostile environment safety for tv and film. For all lovers of experiencing life, this is a must listen.

How I Built This

How I Built This podcast

Budding entrepreneurs and business builders listen up as How I Built This might just be the podcast for you. Join journalist Guy Raz, probably one of the most listened to podcasters of all time as he talks to creators and innovators of some of the world’s most well known and established companies about the highs and lows of starting up and maintaining a market leading brand.

It’s a fascinating insight that offers up sound advice and insight for those looking to take their ideas or even an established business to the next level, moreover it’s an easy and inspiring listen.

Early episodes include Instagram’s Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Airbnb’s Joe Gebbia and Virgin mogul Sir Richard Branson, while more recent discussions include the brains behind Wholefoods, Five Guys and Kickstarter. Well worth checking out.

Monster: The Zodiac Killer

Monster - The Zodiac Killer

From the very same people who brought us Atlanta Monster the story of the horrific murder of over 25 children in the late seventies, comes an in-depth look at one of the most notorious and probably best known serial killers in American history.

The Zodiac Killer was active in the sixties and seventies causing murder and mayhem in Northern California. Although there have only ever been five confirmed victims it is believed the death toll could run into the thirties and forties.

The Zodiac was notorious for his penchant for being in the spotlight, sending cryptic clues and letters to the local press. And while this notoriety spawned many films, books and TV shows, there has never been sufficient insight or evidence to bring anyone to justice.

Matt Frederick and Payne Lindsey believe the killer could still be caught and with their investigation taking in over 30 interviews that include former police officers, reporters and family members of the victims, will this latest installment uncover a twist in this well-known tale?

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