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The Weekend Watchlist

The Weekend Watchlist

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This week we have some strange goings on over at Amazon prime and spooky fun courtesy of The Muppets. There’s also an old Heath Ledger gem and much more. Lets get down to it people. Here’s The Weekend Watchlist.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller

New Movie

Madres (Amazon Prime)

It’s thin pickings at the cinema this week with canny studios knowing any competition with Bond and the Venom sequel will be devoured at the box-office, so we’ve had to look to the streaming platforms for new movies. And Amazon Prime has delivered a little treat in the shape of Madres.

From horror production kings Blumhouse, this 70s-set movie follows young couple Beto and his heavily pregnant wife Diana, as they move from LA into a migrant community for a fresh start. In their slightly sinister new house investigative journalist Diana begins to uncover findings about a sinister force harming the town’s pregnant Latina women. But is it a curse or something even worse? Stream Madres on Amazon Prime from today.

Stream It

The Muppets Haunted Mansion (Disney +)

As it’s coming towards the season of the witch, the powers that be at Disney have decided it’s the perfect time to break out the Muppets’ very first Halloween special. Here furry favourites Gonzo and Pepé the King Prawn are challenged to spend a night along with some muppet ghosts and ghouls in the Haunted Mansion.

A host of celebrity cameos from the likes of Will Arnett and Danny Trejo add some star power to the laughs in this charming supernatural special.

Did You Know?

Christian Bale based elements of his performance as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho on Tom Cruise after seeing an interview with the Top Gun star. Director Mary Harron, revealed a phone call between her and Bale about the character, “He’d been watching Tom Cruise on David Letterman, and he just had this very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes, and he was really taken with this energy.”

From The Vault

A Knight’s Tale (2001)

Having been added to UK Netflix at the start of the month, it seems like as good a time as any to throw a spotlight on this early noughties Medieval action romp. It stars the late great Heath Ledger as plucky peasant William Thatcher, as he sets of on a Rocky-esque rags-to-ritches journey to become a jousting god and to win the hand of fair maiden Shanynn Sossamon.

To do this he has to face the brooding Count Adhemar (Rufus Sewell), a more than considerable opponent. The film was a little Marmite on release with it’s modern rock music soundtrack leaving some cold, but it’s a full on fun-fest that delivers big in the entertainment stakes. Stream it on Netflix.

New Trailer

13 Minutes

Although the world feels like one long disaster film these days, we couldn’t help have our interest piqued by this imminent tornado thriller from filmmaker Lindsay Gossling. It sees four families in a US town pushed to the brink when a huge storm descends on them. As in the title they have just 13 minutes to get to shelter before the largest tornado on record does some serious damage. This authentic looking flick stars country singer Trace Adkins and Anne Heche.

Quick Question Answer: Last week we asked you which was the first Horror movie to win an Oscar? It was of course Silence of the Lambs. We never did fancy a nice Chianti after watching that one.

This week we’d like to know in which Hitchcock film did a serial killer use neckties as his preferred method of murdering female victims? We’ll give you the answer in next week’s Weekend Watchlist.

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