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What We’ve Been Reading: The Links

What We’ve Been Reading: The Links


With the nights beginning to draw in (we’re not fans of it either), it tends to mean less time spent in the great outdoors and our precious minutes spent on other pursuits like reading interesting articles from the web, mainly on here we hope. But we’re not precious here at The MALESTROM, we like to share the love. That being said here are the links we’ve been clicking and reading this week…

Changing seasons, 8 interesting facts about Autumn when the days get short and the nights get dark and cold. (Met Office) Read More

How to Control your Dreams – Literally. (Medical News Today) Read More

The Oldest Drawing Ever Discovered on a Tiny Rock. (BBC News) Read More

Pinterest is a Unicorn. (The New York Times) Read More

Does Veganism Make for a Healthier Human? (BBC News) Read More

Mark Wahlberg’s Daily Routine – Lucky Mrs. Wahlberg. (Business Insider) Read More

Moeen Ali Makes a Worrying Claim. (The Guardian) Read More

Westworld Season 3 looks like it might have a new cast member. ( Read More

Is Nicholas Cage Good Again? His latest film Mandy sees him back to his best. (The Week) Read More

It’s the end of the road for the Volkswagon Beetle. (HuffPost) Read More

Intelligent Termites (The New Yorker) Read More

Nasa Launches ICESat-2 to Measure Changing Ice Levels on Earth. ( Read More

‘Kindfulness’ is a thing and it’s growing, how men need to cut the negative self-talk. (The Guardian) Read More

The Science of Drowning and a Wrongful Murder Conviction. Texas Man Serving Life Protests his Innocence. ( Read More

The 5 Best Exercises you can do according to the academics. (Harvard Medical School) Read More

Hockney Painting expected to smash auction records with mammoth sale. (MSN) Read More

Levi Roots gives the lowdown on the Kingston, Jamaica food scene. (MSN) Read More 

Remembering 9/11 and the often ignored long-term health effects the disaster continues to have on the survivors. ( Read More

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